GUDIK: … No.  I can’t. It’s impossible at this point.

TETHIK: You must!

GUDIK: Tethik, I make a lot of allowances for you, but don’t you dare ever tell me what the king “must” do.

TETHIK: Then don’t listen to me. Listen to your own common sense. I know it’s in there, buried somewhere under your thick-headed arrogance.

TETHIK: If you don’t leave off this folly now, Kivalia and Erogenia may very well fall to the Urtts. A thousand years of history, all we’ve built will be razed by the enemy to make their own hellscape in Shuach’s image. Then what a nice little petty kingdom you will have here in Greymouth to defend against our enemy that’s stronger than ever!

GUDIK: How am I supposed to do it!?  You understand I’ve spent the better part of a year making dead corpses and live enemies of these people.  You think they’ll let me just walk away?

Shall we just say, “Oh, sorry – this is Greymouth?  We thought it was Greenmouth!  Our mistake.  Have to pop off now. You don’t mind tidying up for us, do you? There’s a good chap!”

YANORA: Really, dear, it’s not the time to try to be witty.

GUDIK: Mother –

YANORA: And fail.

GUDIK: You see? This is why I’d rather be at war than at home.