GUDIK: (Sees Thann) And who the hell are you?

THANN: I’m your assassin.

GUDIK: What.

TETHIK: Cousin, shut your mouth for two seconds and listen.  I have to tell you the most important thing you have ever heard, I have to tell you now, and you have to listen to it with your full attention.

GUDIK: You don’t get to talk to me like that, Tethik!

TETHIK: I bloody well do, because it’s not just me doing the talking.  Have a seat and a drink. If you are still offended at my rudeness in five minutes time you can have me executed, I suppose.  And him, too, for that matter.


Tethik chants the spell to activate the ring

IPOLA appears.

IPOLA: Tethik?  

TETHIK: Your Majesty.  We’re here, at last.

IPOLA: I see.