YANORA: Ipola?  What is it?


IPOLA: Tethik’s finally got there, Yanora.


YANORA: I see.  Best finish dressing, then. Don’t want to scandalize  the children.

Ah, Gudik, my little cherub.  


GUDIK: Mother.


YANORA: My how sour you look, sweeting.  What, siege engines not up to snuff? I do wish you’d listened to Mummy about that.  


YANORA: (Sees Thann) Oh, and just *look* who’s here.  So this is the one they chose to murder Gudik?


IPOLA: Indeed, I wonder whose idea it was?


YANORA: How very ironic.


THANN: What does that mean?  How do you know who I am?


YANORA: (dismissively) The same way I know a great many things, lamb.  But never mind.


GUDIK: Will someone tell me what this whole shit show is about?  What’s so important that all three of you have to come here, interrupt my perfectly enjoyable little war –


THERIK: “Holy crusade,” your Majesty …


GUDIK: Damn right! It’s a goddamn holy war with the blessing of the goddamn church! And I need to be getting on with it, so what is this magickal hernia for?