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  1. Since the Deepings knew of his father, it would be no surprise for them to use this incident to break his concentration, which is an essential part of his magic. if Vito’s instructions still hold. One thing of note is that The Book may also be known, or at least its existence guessed at, by Shuach. Otherwise, coordinating the snatch of Mentl into the Otherwhen where, as Shuach promised Gorshash he would be more vulnerable, would have been nearly impossible, without having some insight into where on Teria The Book would bring them home. This would portend a more powerfully dangerous struggle than if Mentl simply has a nice power and info source, The Book, that Shuach does not know about.

    1. Why assume that Shuach had anything to do with it? It’s a possibility, but far from the only one.

      The Book could easily have diverted Mentl to first the Greyverse and then Otherwhen for its own inscrutable purposes.

      1. “Why assume that Shuach had anything to do with it? It’s a possibility, but far from the only one.”

        The reason is the statement of Shuach to Gorshash, in the Otherwhen, after Gorshash lost the battle with our trio, that he would wait to deal with Mentl when and where he is more vulnerable. With concentration such a large part of magic, I can think of few things that would make Mentl more vulnerable than the scene in front of him now. He is totally pre-occupied by the same feelings that originally sent him off the rails before his visit to that ally where he picked up a book.

        1. Which could be precisely why the Book has gone ahead and made him face them before Shuach could. Shuach has shown a lot of bluster so far, and while he’s often been able to back it, it is characteristic of big bads to bluster and only back it some of the time.

  2. I feared for the worst. So its good to see you again!

    Thanks for your great work

  3. Yup, just what I thought. The mirror-thing tries to pleasure its victims to death, but if that fails, it torments them instead. Doesn’t taste quite as nice, but at least it’s still a meal!

  4. So happy to see you return! I did not expect this, thought he would be facing clock inquisitor!

  5. Glad to see you’re back JED. And don’t worry about the old comments–most of them are pretty irrelevant after a couple more pages.

  6. Cool new site, cool new thumb, and so fast that you got it up! Maybe make the background behind the letter parts semi-transparent though? Fully transparent makes it a bit too busy…

    Very glad to have you back!

  7. Loads much faster. Hope that continues.

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