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10 thoughts on “Through A Glass Darkly – Page 1011

  1. Aaaaah, yeah, the ol’ “reality is actually fake” ploy. I wonder if he can see through it on his own.

    1. Well… “reality is actually fake” is not how he stated it and in this case… I don’t think it’s a ploy.

      The so-called “real world”, or life/the universe/reality experienced as something separate from ourselves — that IS pure illusion!
      You are Reality or Pure Consciousness caught in a dream of being a little “person”, separate from the rest of Life (alongside 7 billion other such dreams).
      “Wake up from individuality and know yourSelf AS Reality itSelf!” is, I believe, the call Mentle is hearing.

      Welp, this wake up call sure made my morning! Thank you!!

  2. It’s getting very Buddhist here…

    1. It’s just getting real! (Tho some would say spiritual.)
      Buddhists thankfully have no monopoly on reality.

  3. I’m wondering if this is some ploy by Shuach or his minions to get Mentl to reject Zona and Erogenia entirely, and so take him out of the fight.

  4. I just noticed the new crossed weapons in the background.
    Very nice.

  5. I would think it’s a wake up call IF the wasn’t a moment where ‘Dad’ said : Erogenia, Eath, Grayverse – seriously ”The Grayverse”? – it’s all BS, illusion. This, this part I wonder if it’s not coming from Shuach or simply from Mentl mind doubting he could really have met, and deserved, Zona.
    I remember an episode of DS9 with such a ploy so that Benjamin Sisko would doubt the reality of what he is doing and so avoid him discovering an artifact… So, I am always very wary of this kind of ‘wake up call’. Time will say I suppose!

  6. ……. This has just gone VERY meta here. Think about it, that statment’s true–it’s not real, it’s a webcomic.

  7. If this is an liisuion, how is it you’re talking, eh?

  8. Meh… don’t know if I really care for these smoothed facial contours. Kind of wrecks Mentl’s nice aquiline schnozz

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