Well, isn’t this nice? Page 1119

TRANSCRIPT:     ZONN:  And you are right about one thing: With what’s at stake, we have no right to hold ourselves apart from the fight.  I know the Urtts as well as you do. It wouldn’t end in Erogenia. IPOLA: No - no, it wouldn’t. Have you spoken to Uissan? ZONN: Yes.  I understand that they look at the Urtts as … victims like themselves, in a way. But even he acknowledges that three thousand years later they’re as responsible for themselves as we are.  But … well, they’re talking among themselves about it. We’ll see if they come up with something. Anyway. The answer you were looking for from me is - yes. If you call, I will come. Alone if necessary, but with all our strength if possible. IPOLA:  I have something for you, then.  These are few and precious. We still have not figured out how to duplicate the magick in them, but I brought this one for you. ZONN: What … what does it … do? IPOLA: I’ll teach Chera and you together, to make sure that there’s always someone who knows how to use it.  Watch: (chanting) Lunadeia chela mu. Mihra Suvrema Yanora Nan! YANORA: Yes, Ipola?  Ohhhh … Well, well, well!

14 thoughts on “Well, isn’t this nice? Page 1119

  1. Makes a lot of sense to teach two people. Both in case one of them is incapacitated, and in case one forgets.

  2. That’s quite an eyefull.

    1. Yeah, I can only imagine our lady sis Jean’s reaction if she were in Yanora’s place. Panel 4 is too small to really these two justice.

      (… Of course by “these two” I refer to both royal highnesses.)

  3. Plus, by teaching Chera, that’s another magic-user whose expertise could be added to the duplicating-the-magick think tank.

  4. My gutter mind automatically interpreted the “well, well, well!” from queen Yanora of Kivalia as an appreciative sentence regarding Zonn.

    Be careful, Your Highness. There is already another highness on this one highness. ^^

    1. She should be able to recognise Zonn I believe…

    2. Yanora’s last appearance has proved that she isn’t above putting playfulness before needful work. And I think she’d enjoy tickling even Ipola. Not that she would actually antagonize her or anything, of course; but a little needling sounds right up her alley.

      1. @jd.
        “but a little needling sounds right up her alley.”

        You’re daaamn right. *cues Shaft theme song*

  5. Paddy and RBZ, very good points. Ipola is a great queen. (Chapter MMCDLXXXVII.) I like how JED waves aside any questions about why they don’t use more of these obviously convenient rings with tw osimple sentences.

    Also, she’s so cute to watch cuddling with Zonn.

    Oh, and I’ve been meaning to remark on that for some time, but I feel this is the youngest I’ve ever seen her look (aside, naturally, from the flashbacks where sh is actually younger, like https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/forward-looking-back-and-return/page-505/ and the “How I met your father” story). I don’t mean this as a criticism. I think for Ipola to go back into action and not spend all day pondering the wisest course of action in a world riddled with traps has done her lots of good, and her appearance also reflects this.

    1. Softer lighting also helps.

  6. Oh god, ancient magic rings they don’t know much about or how to duplicate? Who wants to bet that… what’s his face, the priest/ancient Erogenian guy knows all about them, and can do nasty things to people who’ve got them? Just a thought, here’s hoping i’m wrong lol.

  7. So they *do* have a magic ‘radio’ to coordinate attacks from different directions.
    That is one major advantage. Do the Urtts have anything similar?

  8. Yanora is looking good. 🙂 And this is shaping up to be an interesting little scene.

  9. Can those be set to ‘vibrate’ when unwanted ears are listening?

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