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  1. Not only this whole page is chock-full of beautiful emotions, but Mora tops it off with the last sentence in a heartwrenching climax.

    (Okay, if I’m totally honest I have to admit that Darvik’s point that he could die anyway strikes me as bogus, but since Mora calls him out on it this same page, I can see it for what it is — Darvik trying to argue away his grandkids’ fears when he knows all too well that they are rooted in reality. So it still works fine.)

    Every time I recommend this webcomic to a friend, I feel I have to admit that it starts out looking like nerdy teenage fantasy, and I immediately add that it turns into so much more and better. This page is yet another example of how deep the feelings it gives me can go.

    Thank you so much, JED.

  2. Pretty much as I’d guessed.
    Using the kids’ fear to try & dissuade him.

  3. Not an easy moment for the family. Those kids have been through a lot recently; losing their older brother, losing their cat, fleeing their home, everything they experienced on the run, and now the risk of losing their grandpa, too. Hopefully they will come through it with healthy and strong minds.
    Darvik wants to fight and I can’t blame him for that; he’s seen the last war, he wants to protect his family from harm.

  4. The mom tells her children that grandpa may die, so THEY argue her case…
    …the timing just feels like emotional manipulation to me.

    1. Mora did not tell the children. They overheard Lirna and Darvik talking about it as they entered.

      Warm regards,

  5. @DMC_Run
    Emotional manipulation? For all intents and purposes, their gramp has also been a father figure to them for quite some time now. He knows his decision to try to be cured so he can properly stand up and fight again will greatly impact his family.
    He has been thinking about the whole stuff, true, but he didn’t say a word to them. That is not very nice either, is it?

  6. @JEDraft:
    My apologies.

  7. A man who is afraid of death is afraid of life
    A man who is afraid if life is already dead

  8. A man who is afraid of death is afraid of life.
    A man who is afraid if life is already dead

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    1. Kiddeagle,
      It’s there twice, that I can see.

      Warm regards,

      1. when i load the page i see 6 comments. I have to go back a page then forward again to see all the comments

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  11. @Kiddeagle:
    It’s my understanding that a post won’t display until.after it’s been confirmed as being neither “spam” nor “troll”.

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