IPOLA: (To a serious-looking Tula) I thought it would give you some satisfaction to see that. 


TULA: Uh-huh. 


IPOLA: Now – let’s make a few plans together, and then order a feast, eh?


TULA: (hands her the crown with a smile. )  This is really yours. 


IPOLA: Oh keep it.  I’ve got lots of them.  Just a bit of jewelry, really, but it seems to impress people.  Wear it when it’s appropriate. 


TULA: As you wish, Mother.  (she impulsively hugs Ipola) Mother …


IPOLA: There, there, girl …  


TULA: I was so afraid … that ..


IPOLA: I know. 


TULA:   … that I’d have to be queen!


IPOLA: Well.  Happy to spare you that, at least.


Still, It Has A Certain Ring To It – Page 1203

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