NARR: A new day.

ZONN: Well, that’s impressive.  Only you could have pulled it off.

IPOLA: It was a group effort – and we had luck on our side.

ZONN: The Draconians and the Thrasans marching together.  I would never have thought it.

IPOLA: They get along about as well as you’d expect.

ZONN: As well as we did with Kendrik’s people?

IPOLA: A bit better in some ways, worse in others.  I swear if it hadn’t been for a bit of kismet, it mightn’t have happened at all.

NARR: A week earlier, in Greymouth.

THERIK: This is blasphemy! Blasphemy, your Majesty!

IPOLA: I know you weren’t chosen for your brains, Bishop, but try to get a few things through your head:

THERIK: You are just a … a … an Erogenian phantom!  Why do you even listen to her, your Majesty?

GUDIK: Because she’s a Majesty, too and we’ll all listen to her, understood?

THRASAN: Dry work, eh?