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A Minor Inconvenience …

Hi kids!  There was a delay in updates, and I think you ought to know why.  

Didja ever want to know what an actual heart attack feels like?  Well, with any luck  you never will.  I, on the other hand, know exactly what it feels like.  It’s not like Aunt May clutching her heart and collapsing.  It was more like the worst acid reflux you can think of for about 24 hours straight.  Went to the doc, and to make a long story short, anyone can have clogged arteries under the right conditions – even me! 

This was about a week and a half ago, and yeah, I spent a couple of miserable nights in hospital where they kindly opened my artery and put a nifty little mesh tube in there to keep it open.   Did I ever wish there was some kind of wormhole and Tula could come use Erogenian Magick to heal things quicker.  Hospital sucks. 

Otherwise, I am fine, and looking forward to eventually splitting logs again and doing other macho stuff around home, just like before.  But, as I write this I need lots of rest and can’t lift anything heavier than ten pounds.  (That means I have to put my little dog or my cat on the scale before I heft them, just to be sure. )

But I am now well on the mend, and look forward to making regular updates – or even more to make up for the lost time.  

Warmest regards,