Wow, it’s been a long time.

I owe you all many apologies, and many updates, but we’re finally truly back in the saddle. I am so very grateful for your loyalty and patience, and I won’t bore you with all the details of the heart problems (now completely symptom-free) and the neck stuff and the lung infection (fine at last ) and Jeebus everything in my little old body that seemed determined to break down all at freaking once. I’m back to splitting logs and exercising and all the good, healthy stuff – and, of course, working on Zona!

So here we go! Yes, the dragon tried a flame-strafe and yes, flying top cover Tula was able to shield the frontline of the cavalry and now it appears some kind of hawk has taken a decided dislike to our urtt rider. Imagine that.

More as soon as I can get it finish rendering and doing the magic.
Warmest regards,


A Minor Inconvenience …

Hi kids!  There was a delay in updates, and I think you ought to know why.  

Didja ever want to know what an actual heart attack feels like?  Well, with any luck  you never will.  I, on the other hand, know exactly what it feels like.  It’s not like Aunt May clutching her heart and collapsing.  It was more like the worst acid reflux you can think of for about 24 hours straight.  Went to the doc, and to make a long story short, anyone can have clogged arteries under the right conditions – even me! 

This was about a week and a half ago, and yeah, I spent a couple of miserable nights in hospital where they kindly opened my artery and put a nifty little mesh tube in there to keep it open.   Did I ever wish there was some kind of wormhole and Tula could come use Erogenian Magick to heal things quicker.  Hospital sucks. 

Otherwise, I am fine, and looking forward to eventually splitting logs again and doing other macho stuff around home, just like before.  But, as I write this I need lots of rest and can’t lift anything heavier than ten pounds.  (That means I have to put my little dog or my cat on the scale before I heft them, just to be sure. )

But I am now well on the mend, and look forward to making regular updates – or even more to make up for the lost time.  

Warmest regards, 


Zona in Unreal Engine 5

Soooo – I know the comic is a bit late, but I have not been idle. Nor has Brian. We are now really, truly and officially out of preproduction. The hernia was to transition all the assets, including out titular heroine, into Unreal Engine 5. It was a seemingly Sisyphean task, involving lots or frustration, hard hard work for my dauntless perfectionist animator and some creative innovations to solve the problems that they can absolutely take complete credit for solving.

We are now in production and animating scenes for the final trailer in UE5. Well, why did we go to UE5 in the first place? If you look at this picture, maybe you’ll understand. It’s representative of what you will be seeing on screen, and this is just one frame. UE will show you 60-120 fps of THIS in real time.

I’m extremely pleased. This is much much more than I thought I wanted. She’s going to live, breathe and act out the story in the world we’ve created.

Naturally, if you want to see more, then go to JEDraft

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Our ongoing incompatibility issues with the new WordPress are still not worked out, and I am afraid I might have to just redo the whole site again, but until I absolutely have to do that, I have this kludgy workaround.

VDSD – 2021 (

See at the top menu on the right, “, I have converted the entire history of the web comic into a series of yeary PDF files that any one can download.

It’s not elegant, kind of a brute force workaround, but at least you all now can really start at the beginning and read the whole thing at your leisure.

Many thanks for your patience, and with hopes of a permanent solution in the near future.

Warmest regards,


Zona Animation: Morning Exercises V2

In this, the final version we’re doing of this proof-of-concept video, Brian put in more fancy stuff and fixes and attention to wonderful details.  Now we dive into production of the actual product, beginning a trailer for the series itself with all the new elements and knowledge we have put together so far.    

Rubbing my hands with glee.   

Warm regards,   


We’re On The Road!

We are moving from California to Connecticut, and we’re driving with the dogs and cat and so for the next couple of weeks the updates are going to be sporadic, and communication with you all might drop out. Never fear, we will return as surely as the sun rises and sets on our VW camper van. Still, I might have a little surprise for you Thursday or Friday. Stay tuned!
Warmest regards,

Animated Zona – Final version for Unreal Engine

This is the final version of Zona in Unreal Engine before we begin full production on the trailer.  Long time coming.  Brian’s outdone himself, IMHO.

She breathes, she moves, she inhabits the space.  Next update will have her in full-on sword-slinging action.   Brian wanted to show her being something other than angry and hulked out, so he imagined her swooning at the sight of Mentl.  I said that’s not really how the story goes, but it could be her first sight of Mentl naked, which is, well … long-time Zonaphiles know about Mentl’s Pride. 

This is the realization of a dream I’ve had for a very long time, to bring Zona and Mentl fully to life in an animated series telling their story. Romance, violence, adventure and sexy stuff! Thanks to all of you for your support, and especially to all the Patreon Patrons for the generosity that they have shown and continue to show.

Warm regards!  




We have been at this for a long time now, and using Daz Studio for animation is adequate, but we needed much much more than it could deliver in order to do justice to Zona’s world. So we have ported all the Daz character assets into Unreal Engine, and Brian is finding that this is not only more realistic than we could have realized before in Daz, but also so much faster that he has accomplished more in six weeks than he did in six months before – maybe more. For myself I could not possibly be more pleased. This is a huge game changer!

This little teaser is a taste of what we will be making the series look like. It’s just the prelude to the opening scene where Mentl comes upon the Urtts. In 2021 the real stuff begins.

Until then, judge and compare the previous efforts to what Brian’s doing now.

Enjoy, and don’t forget, the patrons on are going to see more sooner and enjoy additional benefits and rewards as well!

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There are however, some ways to defeat this, as detailed in the video here:

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