THRASAN: Could use a stiff drink. Uh – maybe not you.


THRASAN: I , uh … I hear you people don’t drink?

DRACONIAN: Where d’ye get sich buggersense?

THRASAN: What? What did you say?

DRACONIAN: Kin ye clean yer earholes?  I said it’s buggersense! We don’ drink? Ha!

THRASAN: So – you do drink.


THRASAN: Well.  So – look, don’t get mad, it’s just what people say –


THRASAN: Well, maybe that bit about how your priests actually drink blood …

DRACONIAN:  Buggersense.

THRASAN: Oh, well … sorry.

DRACONIAN: It’s wine, dey just wave de’ hands and bless it.  Becomes “Blood O’ De Dragon,” but y’know, it’s like …

THRASAN: Ceremonial.

DRACONIAN: Like dat, yeh.

THRASAN: Mm.  Guess that would make more sense, then.

GUDIK: I’m not surrendering! I’ll have you know I was winning!  It’s just that this changes everything – for all of us.