YANORA: Well, to start, I’ve been wrong.  Many times. We obviously chose the wrong way to try to raise you.  It seemed to work on Gudik, because while he’s not the picture of filial love and devotion, at least he’s become a fair king.  Too interested in wars, but then his father was much the same in his youth. But you are different, and I was stupid – I thought that … well, I’ve already told you once what I thought at the time.  And yes, it was cold. It was calculated. I sacrificed you, my son, and thought I was doing the right thing. But you weren’t born to be a prince, I see it now. You’d have been much happier, not to mention more useful, as an ostler or something else more humble.  You always got on better with the horses than with people. Blind of me not to see how important that sort of thing can be. And then your father died and I didn’t even give you someone you could go to for anything like comfort. That was another mistake.

MALDIK:(snort!)  Keeping score?

YANORA: Of course.  But Maldik … I don’t love seeing you fail.  I always wanted you to succeed, and in my way, I was trying to help you to do that.  

MALDIK: You old cunt! … trying to “help” me?

YANORA: Yes!  Obviously it didn’t work out the way I thought it would.  

MALDIK: Obviously.