YANORA: Well, it is my doing. It’s far too late to say I’m sorry – but for what little it’s worth, I am.  I’m sorry we hurt you – and to no good purpose. But: Now you’re where you are, with some problems I know and others I can guess – and unless you’re going to go into exile with Dole the Enchanter or something else melodramatic, you need to use the power you currently have to correct your own course.


YANORA: So – if you’ll forgive an impolite question – who are you marrying?  As the prospective mother-in-law I ought to know, after all. Needlework, trousseau, that sort of thing?

MALDIK: I’m  … uh … Anina …

YANORA: The bishop’s niece.  Well, he’s become bolder and bolder.


YANORA: The entire family is abominable, even compared to ours, and as you can understand better than most, that is a very low bar, indeed.  Naturally, the nuptials cannot happen without your brother’s consent and the council’s stamp of approval.


YANORA: Hmm – with enough threats and bribery, I think the Council Of Bishops would vote for it.  Nonetheless, your brother is still in the middle of a holy war far far away, so I think that it’s unlikely to happen any time soon.

BETHELA: More wine, your Highness?


YANORA: Paradoxically, I think Gudik’s quite safe in combat, barring the unforeseen.  A very good thing that no one is planning to assassinate my older son. Isn’t it?