KOR LACHNIS: <Here – see what thou canst do with it Owner Of All Owners?>


He tosses the ring to Gorshash, who drops it immediately, crying out in pain with a burnt hand 


KOR LACHNIS: <Ahahahahaaa!!  As I suspected. It is endowed with a certain sense and the ability to prevent meddling by those for whom it is not meant!  It would take more than it would be worth to me to fathom it without breaking the ring altogether. >

GORSHASH:(with a smoking hand) <Perhaps … Ipola Queen can instruct us in its use?>

KOR LACHNIS: <Ah, she is wakeful! What a specimen!>< And this, thou sayest, is the queen of the primitives of whom you spoke?>

GORSHASH: <There can be no doubt, Lord.  I remember her very well. >