YANORA: Nevertheless, we must have your forces at home, else there may be no home to go to.

GUDIK: God, I’ll lose as many just trying to withdraw as taking the whole kingdom.  There’s already two Draconian armies on the way to raise this siege. They’ll never let me just walk away …

IPOLA: They actually may want to join you.

GUDIK: Fat chance of that!

IPOLA: Yet, they may.  Because you know something that the Draconian Church would very much like to know, and that may make all the difference in the world to them.  

GUDIK: Oh, Really,

IPOLA: Something that fulfills their own prophecies.

GUDIK:  And what is that?

IPOLA: Shuach has awakened the Dragons.

GUDIK: (pause) Pull the other one!