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  1. “A mystik of your reputation and resources”, … really laying it on thick, in’t she???
    That she can characterize it implies knowledge and interest. I wonder if this is why she is able to use the ring the Ipola gave her later in life, … hmmm, …. and Tethik ability?, … hmmmm, …. well nobles and royalty do tend to be related. Hmmmmmmm!

  2. Hmm… Yanora does not look to be just nienteen here. More like 25, 27. Pretty much the same age as Laemul, actually.

    (I totally dig their raised eyebrows and their knowing smirks)

  3. Damn, she’s a hunter. But she likes a bit of intelligent conversation first it seems. 😉

  4. Ah, but this is not even the beginning of his story.
    Even becoming a Royal Mage takes talent, knowledge & skill, as well as time to build a reputation & resources good enough to even become *noticed* for a position in the Royal Court. But once in position there are many more perks…Such as, a wider range of new contacts that are gained through the name of the Royal Crown (aka: international) & an increase in reputation & resources for which he wouldn’t have had access before. It takes a lot to *get* there but so much more is gained.
    There is a trade-off, however, in that there is a certain level of freedom lost in that he must behave with deference & obedience…Before, he had every waking moment to choose how to spend his time with his craft but now must put his “employers” priorities above his own. There is a trade-off for certain, but there’s also the phrase “Privileges of Rank” as a part of the bargain…Lucky devil.

  5. What is the saying again? I wouldn’t mind being out of your cloths? err I mean In, In! ;-P
    Not that it makes it that much better.

  6. Screw all the philosophical Horse Shit! He should just Plow the Furrow like it’s his Last!

    1. Hey, hey, now. This is a sophisticated comic with sophisticated characters. There are other comics that with what you are requesting. 😉

  7. You okay, Jed? You don’t normally maintain radio silence for this long. Hope everything is alright with you.

    1. Dear Lora, yes, in an absolute sense, I’m fine. Much much better than most, and I do appreciate your concern.

      The delay is lamentable, but see today I have put up the next page with many apologies. To tell the truth, we are, in my household, very much in a state of intense flux and stress. We have sold our houses, (my lovely wife and me) and we are in the middle of packing to leave Southern California to move me, her, Elon The Cat, Gracie the queen rat terrier, her royal daughter Lola the princess and bouncing (seriously BOUNCING) puppy CeCe the Court Jester to New England to our new very permanent home in Connecticut.
      This is three friggin’ thousand miles away, and we have more than two houses with decades of stuff to pack, discard and give away as well as all the details of vehicles, travel, insurance, good drugs for the animals for the drive from point A to point B. Point B is a beautiful spread with many acres of woods in a sweet rural town not even a half hour from Hartford.

      Warmest regards,


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