IPOLA: He is a powerful enchanter – yes, we need him, too. And we need you.

ZONN: What about my tribe, Ipola?

IPOLA: Any warriors – every one of your warriors willing to fight.  I need them.

ZONN:  I … How do we get them there?   It’s fifteen hundred miles. They can’t all ride aburori.

IPOLA: Almost no one can.  This was a one-time favor from a good friend.  

ZONN: So how?

IPOLA: I can find a way.  We can find a way. I just need to know if you will come.  If I call, will you come?

ZONN: For you, Ipola … if it was just me …  I can’t speak for everyone.

IPOLA: Of course.  So please hold a council, get an answer.  I have to leave in three days.

ZONN:  We’ll have the gathering tomorrow.

IPOLA: Ah.  All right, thank you.

ZONN: At that time I’ll ask them if they want to  pledge fealty – or not.


ZONN: We have something here of our own, Ipola. The young folk have never known Erogenia – or you.  And it’s a long way away. Also – a lot of my warriors have never known real war. I do my best to train them, but … well, that thing you were talking about earlier?  About finding a new way? We might have stumbled on it, accidentally. We live in peace with the Nassim. And we … we tend not to get into stupid fights like we did when I was young at home.  We solve our problems most of the time without bashing each other. Our enemies are monsters and animals and the heat and sandstorms. It’s a harsh life, but …