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TRANSCRIPT: ZONN: Dragons … IPOLA: Yes. ZONN: Not even in my day … IPOLA: In no one’s day, Zonn. Not for three thousand years or more. But this is still our day. Our day didn’t end when we stopped being young.  Yours, mine - all of us. And it’s the reason I did one of the stupidest things I have done in a long time by leaving Erogenia and coming here. ZONN: On the back of a giant bird.  (grins) Well … I don’t know about stupid.  It was pretty Erogenian. IPOLA: Sometimes, my old love, it’s much the same thing. ZONN: You looked damn good doing it. IPOLA: Zonn … we need you.  This … more than anything is why I had to come find you.  We need your strength, which I can see you still have. We need the inspiration you provide, we need a legend on the battlefield.   ZONN:  You have Zona … IPOLA: And thank the Goddess for her and for her sister, but at this point we need everything we can get.   ZONN: You also have Mentl. IPOLA: Yes, of course, Mentl.   ZONN: He’s a good lad.  And damn, you should have seen what he did.  A goddam thunderbolt from the sky ...

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  1. He’s a sane veteran. He had years of war, and then years of building a peace, and he doesn’t want to lose the peace. He’s sane.

    Of course, the Moon Queen has to show him that war *will* come to him, whether *either* of them want it or not, whether
    Ipola wants to show him or not.

  2. Embrace the power of “and.” Zona, Tula, and Mentl are powerful. Add Zonn, and it’s more powerful, and more is better.

  3. Let the betting pool open!

    – Zonn alone goes
    – Zonn stays
    – Zonn and some select cohorts go
    – Mass migration of the sun tribe

    Personally my money’s on Zonn plus select cohorts, perhaps after a quick prayer for inspiration at the sunhenge, but what do I know?

    1. I bet on Zonn +cohort as well. some of those non urtt (sorry I can’t remember their name) I think might come as well. I just wonder why this pause in Ipola’s speech when speaking about Mentl.
      I wonder if it’s Zona who will, in the end, convince Zonn to come.

    2. Hmm… my imaginary money on n°3.

  4. The problem, of course, and why he’s not saying “yes” is because he’s got responsibilities where he is….

    1. @Jack_Simth
      The thing is that the situation is not to know whether war will come to the Sun Tribe or not, but – most likely, I think – when it will come and if they are prepared when it comes.

      So now, the Sun folks have to choose whether they want to strike first, with all the might of their allies, AND keep war far from home,
      or be likely to have war at home.

  5. Like most of us, Zonn is proving very good at beating himself up over the past. Not only that, but he sees with new eyes what Ipola and Zona have accomplished without him, but his old eyes fail to see all he has accomplished.

    That said, given how this page ends, I wonder if Ipola will try to get Zonn out of his funk by suggesting that he mentor Mentl who despite being a fast learner still isn’t fully up to speed on how Teria works. Moreover Mentl is now his son.

    1. “Moreover Mentl is now his son.”

      His son-in-law, that is.


      1. The sentence you quoted is a link (Salisria, pretty please would you explain how you do that?) towards the page where both Ipola and Zonn accept him into their respective tribes, each calling him their son.

        1. All you need to do get the link is good old-fashioned HTML.
          <a> href="link">text</a>

          WordPress only allows a few HTML tags, but the a tag for links is one of them.

        2. Inquisitive Raven

          Let’s see if this works: <a href=”[link url here]”>[linked text here]</a&gt

          If it doesn’t work, the codes prefixed with ampersands are supposed to less than and greater than signs, aka angle brackets.

  6. Indeed, Zonn’s concern may stem from worry that he might end up repeating the mistakes of the past while in the heat of battle. Also, while I see him fully loyal to the Queen, he may be concerned that even a small, proportionate contribution to the war effort from his small tribe might endanger the whole tribe’s survival.

    Since Suria told him that his people would go back to Erogenia ( ), it makes sense that Ipola (who wasn’t there when he told that part but must have been briefed by Tula) would want to get the migration going.

    The main difficulty I foresee about that migration (except, y’know, actually taking a tribe for that huge walk home) is the diplomatic aspect with the Nassim ( ). Their help in the coming war could be very valuable, and leaving them behind would rob the Erogenians of it.

  7. Did Mentl and Zpona actually get married?

    1. In the page Salisria linked to, both Zonn and Ipola call Mentl “silver-bonded” to Zona. Which they are since page 800 ( ). I’m pretty sure it still isn’t as strong a commitment as what we usually view as marriage (what with there being gold bond after that), but since they got married in the same page, I’d say maybe they are. Depends heavily on perspective and semantics.

      I forgot to mention that earlier, Mentl said he’d die with her, which is pretty much the ultimate commitment statement for Erogenians, if I recall. (Archive dive anyone?)

  8. Why, oh why, is it that both my favorite webcomics are currently involved in a lot of scene jumping? I want more detail of what everybody is up to. 🙂

    But yeah, I’m guessing Zonn will take time to think it over and perhaps try and consult the Sun god before making his decision.

    1. Is it bad form to ask you which other webcomic is also your favorite? I mean, anything that stands together with CoZ at least deserves a look. (Now that I think of it, I have a notion of what it might be, but until this question of bad form is resolved I’ll shut my mouth about it.)

      1. Not at all. 🙂

        My other favorite (with a lot of scene jumping at the moment) is Girl Genius. 😀 And it’s very much worth reading. If you haven’t read it, start from the beginning.

  9. Yes, they’re strong, but they can’t be everywhere. And they aren’t the leaders of any tribe. And these are dragons–we’re going to need every swordarm we can get.
    “[…] there you stand, the good man doing nothing, and while evil triumphs and your rigid pacifism cumbles into blood-stained dust, the only victory afforded to you is that you stuck true to your guns.” — Android 16, Dragonball Z Abridged ep 60, pt 1

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