IPOLA: And I am not pressuring you!  The world is pressuring me!  And the world isn’t going to leave you alone anymore. There’s not going to be peace for anyone at all if they have their way.  One way or another you and your tribe need to deal with this. You have to decide.

ZONN: Why are you – what is this about, really?  Why suddenly –

IPOLA: I need to know.  There isn’t time –

ZONN: What do you want me to say?  Just – what do you want? Do you want me to say I’ll come before I even know?

IPOLA:  I think you already know, you just won’t admit it –  

ZONN: Or – do you think it means I don’t love you anymore?!  Is that it? Do you want me to say I love you?

IPOLA: (pause.  A moment of brutal honesty)  YES!  Yes, I do!

ZONN: Well, I DO!  I love you, Ipola!

ZONN: Gods, how I love you!

IPOLA: Zonn Trann Tera …