Now you bring this up? – Page 1103

  TRANSCRIPT:   IPOLA: For anything else, for anyone else it wouldn’t be, Zonn, but this is you, this is me, this is for the world.  Not an exaggeration! The world! It is that simple, dammit -  I need to know! ZONN: And you can’t give me one day? IPOLA: How many days does Erogenia have?  I left in the middle of a crisis … ZONN: All I’m saying is don’t pressure me like this.  Or I swear it’ll be like Mimos all over again! IPOLA: Oh - so! ZONN: Yes! IPOLA: Now you bring that up?  Now?! Have you been storing that hurt up for twenty-five years just to throw it in my face again?  We weren’t any kind of a chain, Zonn! And you refused to wear one, so - ZONN: I refused?  You refused to have any chain but your goddam crown!   It still hurt! IPOLA: And what you did hurt me twice as much!  Don’t you blame me for your sexual impulses! ZONN: I’m not blaming you for that - but it just seems as soon as I find a little peace ... IPOLA: Don’t you DARE turn your back on me -- ZONN: Hey - this is my tribe, not yours! Not yet, anyway!. IPOLA: Oo! You -- you -- MENTL: We’re not … gonna ever fight like that - are we? ZONA: Depends.  Are you planning to disappear for twenty-five years ? MENTL: No, ma’am. ZONA: Good.  Six months without you was hard enough.

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  1. 8 strings?

    1. Yup. He tuned it DGBE in octaves, so it would play like the bottom four strings of a guitar, but have a mandolin-like sound.

      Hey – it was the best-looking model I could find at the time, and now it’s canon. 🙂

      Warm regards,


      1. I would have thought it was just a coursed instrument as that was one technique for getting more sound out of an unamplified instrument, but since Mentl can be his own amplifier, I can see him letting it be a two octave instrument.

  2. For everyone’s information, you are and were right – in the last page Mentl should have been wearing his torc that he received on page 1078. On page 1102 I simply forgot it. Grabbed the last model of Mentl/Sun Tribe I’d made and used it. Maybe I’ll fix it eventually. Meantime, yes Mentl has a torc. 🙂

    Warm regards,


    1. Pfff, it’s not missing at all! It’s being REPAIRED. As we all know, what with the Sun Tribe’s paucity of metal…the majority of Mentl’s torc is made of horn, and it just so happens that it turns out that the horn-like chiton piece used on that specific torc between the silver-fitted ends had a hairline fracture that started to split the moment it was flexed to fit around Mentl’s neck, so when the split and its cracks were discovered, they took it back from him to remove the silver fittings and put them on a new, whole, uncracked piece of horn! Duh!

      (Don’t worry, JED, I gotcher back on this one! *wink*)

  3. What happened at Mimos? Well, there were these noodles….

    1. Nobody can prove it was me!


      Warm regards,


    2. I hope, at least, that there were some sort of Mimosas enjoyed. 😉

      Yeah, I know, it probably wasn’t that Mimos. But this one could have fruity drinks, too. I personally prefer mine virgin, but for some reason that doesn’t seem to be a popular choice.

  4. and two strong willed people start to clash

    1. As they do. Stay tuned. 🙂

      Warm regards,

  5. LOL love the looks between Zona and Michael in panel #4 that is priceless…=D

    Oh…the transcript and the last panel don’t match. 😉

    1. So it does. Do I leave it that way and let it continue to incite comment? Or fix it?

      Decisions ….

      Warm regards,


  6. Mimos is a Noodle Incident, isn’t it? 🙂

    1. Nope. It’s definitely a real thing, and you will hear about it before the end of this major arc.

      It will be awhile, though.

      Warm regards,


  7. So I suppose the cha is not really balanced between those two eh?

    1. As much as it is between anyone. No – that one got swept under the carpet because … well, in time we’ll reveal that.

      Warm regards,


      1. I totally expected Ipola to drop the son grenade Into this conflagration and totally blow it out of the water. So she should stop whining about holding something in reserve unless that’s going to be the next page.

        1. I don’t think she’d hold that against him. Here ( ) she mentions him being very young when fathering Thann, so it would make sense that it happened before he was involved with Ipola. (Who still made it a point to track his seed wherever possible because they were her subjects.)

  8. Yeah, this head-butting is why things between Zonn and Ipola didn’t work out last time. Not that passionate arguments alone are enough to kill a relationship mind you, but unresolved arguments will…

    1. Quite.

      Warm regards,


  9. Aahh, that look. The worst thing is that my own children must have shared it more than once about my beloved wife and myself. Which leads me to think, I admire the erogenian custom of balancing cha, but evidently it isn’t maintained everywhere and every time. (Well, no one’s perfect. Not even Tula.)

    Much as I’d love to see Zona step in and be all reasonable with her parents, I think Mentl could try to play Cher’s “Love and Understanding”. Or, naturally, if he wants to stick with the classics of before he was young, “We Can Work It Out”. Particularly as the first one might drive the two sovereigns quite horny…

    1. The balancing of cha is meant to work better than forgiveness, and in many cases it does. But obviously my people have to be human. Otherwise? Bleah! Boring! 🙂

      Warm regards,

      1. Hey, nonhumans are interesting too. Surely you’ve heard of Elfquest…

        More seriously, interesting comparison between forgiving and balancing of cha. I viewed the latter as a more elaborate version of the former, but I’m often wrong about this story.

        Warm regards back!

    2. Not a good idea if Mentl tries to magic those two into agreement. They both know what he’s capable of, and forcing the issue that way will only create more problems.

    3. Personally, I think Mentl using his magic might be a VERY bad idea right now. If there was a physical threat, or actual physical harm, absolutely, but overruling these sovereign individuals naturally expressed emotions would be an extreme violation.

    4. Gerald Ney and SeanR, you make a very good point, one I did ponder indeed while writing my post. I ended up sending it up anyway because he’d be enforcing *civility*, not a choice. Not saying “do this and that”, just “hey there, let’s cool it down, the sun’s hot enough as it is”.

      But I do agree that the path is chancy. (Note that knowing about his magic’s effects doesn’t make one impervious to it, as unwittingly demonstrated on Ipola in . So both parties would likely calm down before getting angry about the violation. Assuming they did. And he could offer to balance the cha thereafter.)

  10. Is the “Mimos Incident” connected to the Unbalanced Cha that a certain Queen Mother Milf mentioned in a previous page of this sensational Saga!?

    I’unno. Maybe. I’m just here for the food. *eats a bug* Rock lobstah!

    1. Not telling. 🙂

      Warm regards.

  11. I think Mentl is wise enough to realize any song he played would have but a temporary effect on their emotions. Unless they need a temporary bandage because they wound each other too deeply, I don’t expect him to play.

    1. Mentl is building an ethos. At this point he knows that he can affect people’s emotions. Does he want to do that? Does he want to negate people’s agency and free will? Good question. It would appear at this point he’s kind of against that sort of use of power.

      Warm regards


      1. Good to know. (Would that I had read all the comments before answering above.)

        I still would submit that cooling down someone’s emotions might be viewed either way: on the one hand, as negating what one feels, but on the other hands, as allowing one to think more clearly (not to mention feel other emotions). It’s a fine line, within a blurred context. Come to think of it, Mentl’s probably wise to err on the side of caution. Particularly soon after having been tempted to resurrect the kid.

    2. I don’t think he needs to chant. Just play something soothing to calm them down a bit. No magic needed.

      1. Nah, better Mentl stays out of it entirely and let them work it out. Or not, as the case may be.

  12. If I may make a technical observation.. in the last two panels Zona’s shoulders seem to be morphed oddly; as if they are pushed in towards her neck. It looks rather strange. Her rib cage appears wider than her shoulders. Contrast Zona’s shoulder width in panel 4 with Ipola’s shoulders in panel 2.

    Something’s not quite right.

  13. Oh, wait, Mimos, that’s a Kivalian town! *facepalm* THAT is where Thann or whateve his name is, the assassin half-Erogenian fellow with Tethik, got Zonn as his father!

    Pssst, JED, any chance on updating the characters page soonish?

    Or perhaps posting a quick who’s who on each page, like how Grrl Power does it?

  14. “What you did hurt ME twice as much”

    Yeah, yeah. Keep playing the victim, as if Zonn’s suffering were automatically less than yours.

    Really, Ipola? :-/

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