EVERYONE: “Fight! Fight!”  “Worm fuckers!” “Shit Stain!” “I’ll DO ye fer dat!”

MERTEAN: Oy! You a’right?

BEDIK: (grinning foolishly) Never better!

MERTEAN: (brandishing a full jug of wine)  Lookee wha’ I found rollin’ on de floor! I t’ought she needed someone t’get `er out of harm’s way.

BEDIK: Ohhh … Mertean m’friend, you are one worm-fucker in a million.

MERTEAN: An’ up *yer* arse wi’ a rusty pecker, ye heretic bastard.  Les’ fin’ someplace quieter to give dis darlin’ de attention she deserves.

BEDIK: After you!