Lucky Find – Page 1108

TRANSCRIPT: EVERYONE: “Fight! Fight!”  “Worm fuckers!” “Shit Stain!” “I’ll DO ye fer dat!” MERTEAN: Oy! You a’right? BEDIK: (grinning foolishly) Never better! MERTEAN: (brandishing a full jug of wine)  Lookee wha’ I found rollin’ on de floor! I t’ought she needed someone t’get `er out of harm’s way. BEDIK: Ohhh … Mertean m’friend, you are one worm-fucker in a million. MERTEAN: An’ up *yer* arse wi’ a rusty pecker, ye heretic bastard.  Les’ fin’ someplace quieter to give dis darlin’ de attention she deserves. BEDIK: After you!

11 thoughts on “Lucky Find – Page 1108

  1. Priorities. They have them.

  2. This is the way to end an argument

  3. I have to admit, I didn’t see that coming. Best follow-up ever.

    (And I still want Gudik to break this up with a royal bellow, with people casting the blame on each other until it falls on Mardik, who says it’s all Mertean’s fault. Then the whole crowd goes to find them and does as they roll around in a complete stupor.)

  4. For some reason, I’m reminded of the episode where Klinger and Hunnicutt drank their way through the camp, two bars and Potter’s office.

  5. Lads will definitely be lads.

    1. I think drunken females would do the same. Only, people would then usually call it a cat fight.

  6. Who’s Rumi?

    1. Jallaloddin Rumi, a rather famous poet originally from Afghanistan and later Anatolia.

    2. I read it as RUM!, but with this explanation it makes a lot more sense. 😛

  7. Letting other’s do the fighting; smart guys. 😉

    They’ll be so hangover the next day, won’t they?

  8. This was bound to happen. I mean, so little time after the truce agreement, many of the servicemembers on both sides would still be aching to have a bout of fisticuffs.

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