IPOLA: It was an oath I had hoped never to need to fulfill, but the choices of the Urtts have forced it on me.

UISSAN: You still intend that this is the end of your war now?  To annihilate the Urtt people?

IPOLA: I can see no other way.  We let them in peace for twenty years, and all they did with the time was to arm and grow stronger and more vicious.  And now, with the return of Shuach’s power and the dragons, their own intent is very clear.

IPOLA: They mean to eradicate our nation and enslave all of us.  Every human. Every human child, every human female everywhere on Teria.   If we defeat them as before, leave them on their side of the river as before, then in twenty years again or thirty or forty they will rise again and threaten us as they do now.   I wish I was clever enough or good enough to think of another solution, but I can’t.

UISSAN: I see.  I will go to my people and see what our own wisdom can offer. But know that there are many who look at this solution of yours with horror. That the brutality and coldness of it is not something that they can support with all their own cha, regardless of its seeming necessity.  They will say that the Erogenians of today are not as different from their ancient ancestors as they wish to appear.

IPOLA: I understand.  Tell them this for me:  If, in their wisdom, they can offer a better solution that does not sacrifice the future of my people, I will listen with open ears and heart. Tell them that Ipola says that the word of the Nassim, especially in this, carries special weight for me, even in the face of the oath of my youth.