KOR LACHNIS: <So – how does it satisfy thy hatred now, my son?  To see her thus?>

GORSHASH: <I think that God has delivered her into our hands for His own purposes.  And my hatred delights in it. >

KOR LACHNIS: < Speak to her.  See if she understands what has happened.>

IPOLA: *sigh,,,* I understand.  Everything – and now so many things make more sense. 

KOR LACHNIS: <What says she?>

GORSHASH: <She says, Lord, that she does understand.>

KOR LACHNIS: <Ah, so she hath speech in  thy tongue. I had forgot that thou didst so say.>  <Ahh yes. And how old art thou, woman? By my reck thou dost seem younger than the years that should hang on thee, from what I am told.>

IPOLA: (In Erogenian) <Eat.  Shit..>

KOR LACHNIS: <Ahah!  Now we see the true Erogenian spirit!  It pleases me that, after all these ages, our tongue is still known well enough for thee to curse at me in it.>  <But my interest in thy years is professional, nothing more. Let us see. By the account I have of thee, thou shouldst be … some few years shy of two score and ten, and yet seem so much more fit and young.   Thou may’st thank me for that. > (In Urttish) < Oh, Owner Gorshash, didst thou know that we, in our experiments, did not merely create all the servants and slaves of Erogenia, but did naturally improve our own seed.  <We had only begun cautiously, of course – improving appearance – such attributes as thou seest which were pleasing to us in our women, naturally. <But also strength, life span, resistance to disease and so forth.> In time, uninterrupted, we could have made ours a race of immortal gods.  But, foolishly, the followers of the Moon rebelled and interrupted our work. >

IPOLA: <And when we defeated you, ultimately you decided to run like a coward.>

KOR LACHNIS: <Have a care, woman.  I ->

IPOLA:  <Gosh! I’d better be careful, otherwise I might get in trouble. >