KOR LACHNIS: <Hah!  Well, such a female should definitely be bred.  Eshtatkk!>

ESHTAKK: <Yes, owner?>

KOR LACHNIS: <Wouldst thou like to breed this one?>

ESHTAKK: <I … will do what owner says to do … and like what owner says I may like.>


IPOLA: Pitiful.

KOR LACHNIS: <Nonetheless,  methinks thou shalt enjoy the thing for its own sake.  Take care you do her no lasting physical harm. >

ESHTAKK: <Yes, owner.>

KOR LACHNIS: <Come, my son – let us leave these lovers to their pleasure.  I have some details to attend to …>

GORSHASH: <Lord, this one should be closely watched, and by …>

KOR LACHNIS: <Tut-tut, Owner Gorshash.  She is but a woman, and chained. Yon eshtakku is quite capable of taking her and, we hope, teaching a lesson in humility>

GORSHASH: <As … you say, lord.>

Door shut.  Eshtakk grins lasciviously, approaches Ipola

ESHTAKK: <You’re … very very  pretty …>

IPOLA: <Oh, thanks.>