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TRANSCRIPT: KOR LACHNIS: <Hah!  Well, such a female should definitely be bred.  Eshtatkk!> ESHTAKK: <Yes, owner?> KOR LACHNIS: <Wouldst thou like to breed this one?> ESHTAKK: <I … will do what owner says to do … and like what owner says I may like.> KOR LACHNIS: <Quite.> IPOLA: Pitiful. KOR LACHNIS: <Nonetheless,  methinks thou shalt enjoy the thing for its own sake.  Take care you do her no lasting physical harm. > ESHTAKK: <Yes, owner.> KOR LACHNIS: <Come, my son - let us leave these lovers to their pleasure.  I have some details to attend to …> GORSHASH: <Lord, this one should be closely watched, and by …> KOR LACHNIS: <Tut-tut, Owner Gorshash.  She is but a woman, and chained. Yon eshtakku is quite capable of taking her and, we hope, teaching a lesson in humility> GORSHASH: <As … you say, lord.> Door shut.  Eshtakk grins lasciviously, approaches Ipola ESHTAKK: <You’re … very very  pretty …> IPOLA: <Oh, thanks.>

18 thoughts on “Very Pretty – Page 1162

  1. SamuraiDemonPuppy

    Is Goshash allowed to say “I told you so.” when Ipola cleans house?

    1. No. I suspect it’ll all be his fault for not saying something when this all goes south.

  2. I see keys on that belt. I have to wonder, will she be able to afford to spare him, or will she be forced to silence him brutally.

  3. I’m beginning to see why Lachnis’s people lost the first time, and I remember the last time Gorshash had his warning ignored.
    and no doubt Gorshash remembers how he fared when he tried to push the issue with his superior the last time.

  4. “No Scott, I have a better idea. I’m going to place him in an easily escapable situation that would allow an overly elaborate and exotic death.”

  5. What? No quotes?! Jed, what happened?! Is everything alright?

    Hmm… Kor Lachnis does not have the experience with Erogenians that Gorshash has.
    He might afterward come to regret not heeding Gor’s advice.

  6. I’m not sure why Kor Lachnis isn’t doing the deed himself, that would be a warrior class mage child. Schanuch doesn’t strike me as wanting pious virgin priests.

  7. I am still worrid for Ipola… She might escape but I hope it won’t come to her having to “do the deed” unwanted to be able to get free.
    Still Kor is a fool to think she is powerless and Gorshash has learn from Tula’s encounter but still…

  8. “No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!”

  9. My money’s on: she escapes, takes the poor slave guy WITH her, and gets valuable intel on what the Urtts have been up to.

    I mean, for crying out loud, Kor is being SO STUPID here. He’s not just underestimating his captured foe, he’s leaving her alone with an easily suborned servant, one who doesn’t even know how much he knows about all the things that were discussed and done while he was a silent observer.

  10. Didn’t Gorsach say those exact words about Tula before losing an eye?
    I guess that seeing his most hated enemy bound and naked, and yet defiantly speaking an uncomtortable truth(that he made the Urths into a slave race again), will trigger something.
    Hopefully that something is a dagger in the back of a certain priest.

    Hell, Shuach might even aprove, seeing he’s a god of violence, ambition, schemes and betrayal, it would prove that Gorsach’s ambitions lie far beyond what anuone would tell him to fo. Even if it goes against direct indtructions from Shuach.
    I mean, they allready got the dragons, what do we need the arrogant Esh’tak gor?

    1. Well, manifestly, Kor Lachnis is basically akin to a prophet to Schuites (or is it Schuachites?). And he is also an insanely powerful magician, at least equal to at least a dragon in terms of power.

  11. Well, it would be smart for Kor to play a fool like this,
    and now monitor the situation from outside.
    Eg. to see how Ipola ‘works’, and maybe
    how she uses the ring…

    1. Ooh, you got it! I was thinking something like that, but you put it nicely into words.

  12. I wager five Quatloos that Ipola turns him into a Darwin Award winner.
    Even if she doesn’t kill him outright, that’s not a requirement to win it; she merely has to render him incapable of “breeding” ever again.

  13. Ipola’s last comment is just dripping with sarcasm.

  14. Who’s to say that Eshtakk knows very well who she is and helps her escape.

    Maybe he’s been biding his time and *playing* the ‘obedient slave’ while waiting for the best moment to turn on his ‘owners’?

  15. Gorshach made the same mistake with Tula, Kor Lachnis, and Shuach himself punished him for it.

    I doubt old Flame-Skull will be so kind with you. Seeing as you’re Gorschach’s senior by a few thousand years, and should freaking know better.

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