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  1. And Zonn, being tribe leader, and ultimately responsible for everyone, feels it most of all.

  2. Wow. I mean, I liked Zonn. For all his bluster, he backed off Mentl when he had to, apologized to Zona quite the way he should have, did a good chieftain job against the Sudrac (though he had no way of imagining Mentl had such ability, so I still count his attitude as good leading), is respected by his people and the people around them, knows how to respect them and still enjoy a little perk of his situation…

    And to see the big, virile, muscular man weep for a boy bitten by a snake… I love that man. I’m afraid he takes his commitment a little too strongly for his own good (and therefore, for his people’s), because he’s veering quite close to “everything that goes wrong is my fault”, but still, ZONN HA!

    (Oh, and the quote is beautifully used. A masterpiece of quoting.)

    Why now I want to ship him with the best queen I’ve ever seen in this story. Besides, Ipola is (at least nominally) single these days, even if Serrin has at least some measure of intimacy with her.

  3. He still is King Emotion to Ipola’s Queen Intellect. I really hope we get to see them meet up again and compare notes.

  4. “Nine hundred years of time and space, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.” –The Doctor

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