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TRANSCRIPT IPOLA: (in Aburor speech)  <Greetings wind wandering Hrraarch, Hanch-Daughter.  Ipola Ravonna-Daughter greets you with gratitude.> HRRAARCH: <Greetings, Ipola Ravonna-Daughter. Hrraarch, Hanch-Daughter comes as agreed.  We ride the wind now back to our own eiries.> TULA: <Honor follows you, noble Hrraarch Hanch-Daughter, and from us take gratitude for bringing our Mother to us.> ZONA: <Honor-bibble Hrraarch Daughter-Hanch, me is too thanks also you  as eldest daughter’s mother child.> HRRARRCH:  You do me honor, children of my friend.  But as the speech of Aburori folk seems difficult in your mouth, let me return your greeting in the tongue of Erogenian folk.  Well met, though briefly. You are Tula Ipola Daughter, and you are Zona Ipola Daughter. We know much of you from speech with Ipola Ravonna-Daughter.  Respect to you. ZONA: Thank you... TULA: Thank you ZONN: Welcome, Hrraarch, daughter of Hanch, to the Sun Tribe. I lead these people.  I am Zonn. HRRARCH: Of course you are.  Ipola Ravonna-Daughter has spoken much of you, Zonn Tera-Son.

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  1. Has Ravonna been mentioned or seen before?

    1. Ravonna has never been seen on screen, but she is described in “The King Is Dead,” a short story I wrote about the night Ipola opened the Tower Of The Moon. Luna visited her in Ravonna’s form. Ipola’s mother had died of “the wasting sickness” (cancer) when Ipola was a young teen.
      That’s all you really need to know about her for now. 🙂

      Warm regards,

  2. Eiries? I had no idea these giant eagles were Irish.

    1. Well, this is all based on pseudo-Celtic fantasy anyway, so why not?
      Nonetheless, a No-Prize to you, and it’s fixed.
      Warm regards,

      1. Reading this, I tried to read Hrraarch’s lines with an Irish accent.
        And it automatically led me to “father Ted” characters’ impersonations.
        Now, I cannot picture him seriously anymore.


  3. The fact that the bird is friendly (and appreciative of respect) does not surprise me. What surprises me is that it has a larynx.

    1. That’s what’s nice with medieval-fantasy. It allows for many quirks. :-3

    2. After a quick Google search, it turns out birds have TWO larynxes. One is the same structure common to mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, but birds don’t use it for vocalizing. They have a second organ, the syrinx, just below it, and THAT is what birds use to vocalize. It’s also what they use to “parrot” human speech.

      So apparently Aburors have a syrinx at least as capable as a parrot’s, since they are able to manage Human speech clearly, without lips.

    3. Why? Actual birds have a larynx. It’s just that avian vocal folds are located in the syrinx instead.

      No reason to think these giant eagles couldn’t have evolved vocal folds in their larynges as well. Not to mention that extant species of corvids and parrots can imitate human voices without having developed larynges.

  4. Of course Jeevik knows the proper stance to greet Aburors. (Though now that I think of it, Mentl seems to as well, and both Ipola and Tula are too canny not to have taught it to the others in advance.)

    And is it just me or is Hrraarch smiling in panels four and six? Pretty obvious, I think, in panel four.

    Also, interesting that Aburor society appears to be matriarchal (the one male mentioned in this dialogue, Zonn, is referred to through his mother). Then again, some raptor species have females larger than males. (Apparently this is more a feature of hawks or falcons than eagles, though.)

  5. Nice! 😀 Love the giant eagle. Won’t try to pronounce its name though.

    And it’s interesting to see the Aburori are a matriarchal society, always referring to someone based on their mother. I’m guessing the females rules, or at the very least are the ones considered important, because they nest and raise the chicks.
    And it does make sense considering that with predatory birds the female is often larger than the male.

    (I’ve heard eagles called ‘flying doors’ due to their large size. So would Hrraarch be a flying tower?)

    1. A matrilineal society anyway. I’ve heard of a human societies in which descent & inheritance is figured via the mother’s line, but which are far from being female dominated.

  6. I shall never complain about a little bird poop on my car after sitting under a tree again……

  7. Yes, Aburori culture is matriarchal and matrilineal. The lines are all traced through the female.
    And yes, Hrraarch has a syrinx and can speak several human languages. She does not speak Urtt. Aburori have no need to talk to Urtts, they just kill them when they encounter them.
    And yes, she is smiling in panel 4 at Zona’s attempt at Aburor.

    Warm regards,


    1. I like that Hrraarch is amused and not insulted at Zona’s total mangling of her language, and also has the good grace not to laugh out loud about it. Also not at all surprised that she can speak and is clearly sapient – I can imagine a bird that size having quite a large brain.

    2. Thanks for the answer, Jed. 🙂 I already like her sense of humor.

  8. So, am I the only one having to fight to keep the Aburor from sounding like Sam the Eagle?

    1. No, I totally heard the whole thing in Sam the Eagle’s voice.

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