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24 thoughts on “Light At The End Of The Tunnel – Page 1035

  1. Looks like a good time for some music.

    1. Sis, I’m all for a repeat performance of Jerry Lee Lewis’s finest song, but maybe Tula and Mentl are still too unaligned with Teria for that to work. So I guess at least there will be a percussions intro, maybe with vocal accompaniment. (Not necessarily that melodious, but one can’t fault Zona and Zonn if the critter can’t hold a pitch.)

  2. Sudrac… Su-and Drac-on… Sand Dragon *tsk* SHIT.

    1. Sand Dragon
      Sand Wyrm

      is this count as a pun ?

      1. Yeah, that seems to qualify more as a Sand Wyrm than it would be like Dune’s Sandworm.

  3. the jaw looks like the monster they fought under the old Erogenian Temple when they were escaping from the Urtts. This one looks healthy though.

    1. And a LOT bigger..

    2. Here’s one of the cleanest, fullest views we have of it: . The Sudrac is quite bigger, but it’s up against Zona *and* Zonn. But it seems to have a noticeably stronger hide. Another point to take into account is that, unlike the situation back then, they do have a fully able priestess (Chera, that is) with them. Tula and Mentl may well sit this one out lest they make things worse.

      … Which might lead Zonn to dismiss Mentl as all voice and no fist. If he does, Tula will point out that she stayed out of it as well.

      1. I’d say this one is different – no bottom tusk/fangs. But I think ‘Great Balls of Fire’ would still work on it. Who guesses Sand Worms? This is rather close.

        1. Or perhaps since it is more ‘dragonian’ that should be Sand Wyrm ‘snerk’

  4. I can see two ways this goes down, either Mentyl makes with the magic, or Zonn and Zona take it on.

  5. oh, hey, family bonding time.

  6. All right, Chera is surprised but not terrified. This may end well. I mean, Zonn not being terrified would mean he’s just being Erogenian, but she seems to have common sense. Then again, he does look worried.

  7. Mentl, quick, play some Blue Oyster Cult

  8. Prospective ally against Urrts’ dragons, if sufficiently pacified?

  9. Wow the Sudrac is super detailed.

  10. do you want to talk to it

    1. More like, “Exit, screaming all the way, stage left.”
      Or as it could be otherwise phrased, perform a tried-&-true, patented process from the old-school RPG games…Run Away¬©.

  11. Reptile, so cold blooded. Time to sing Foreigner’s Cold as Ice.

  12. You should know by now. Walk without rhythm, and you won’t attract the worm.

  13. Quick! Sing it a lullaby, dammit!

    1. I think that a sedative is EXACTLY what’s called for here. Force is a bad Idea. They were caught completely flat-footed. Mentl needs to focus and concentrate, and [since no-one else suggested it,] I think the choice is obvious: Pete, Paul, and Mary – Puff the Magic Dragon.

  14. Seasons greetings, lovely people!
    I just noticed that TODAY, the current page for Adventures of Zona, and the newest page of the adventures of Girl Genius have reached a scene that is at once EXTREMELY SIMILAR, and at the same time, COMPLETELY OPPOSITE! See today’s comic here:
    (N.B. I have a feeling the giant water dragon is going to be friendly to the heroes, while this Sand Wyrm/Sudrac… not so much!)

  15. I, once again, wonder what actor could have played Zonn’s role as a young man, and as he is now.

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