TRANSCRIPT: IPOLA:  I’m afraid my friend here broke her neck and my leg when she fell.  So … in a bit of pain.    LIRI: Oh, I’m so sorry about your horse … and your leg of course.  I’m Liri, and this is –   IPOLA: Keltan.  Yes, my daughters have told me of you two.    LIRI: Your dau-… Ohhh …OH!  Oh, you’re the … Oh, your Majesty!    IPOLA: No-n-no bowing or anything, please.  I need to  …. I need a little …    LIRI: Would you like some kishir?      IPOLA: Oh, GODS, yes, please!    Liri administers to Ipola.    Keltan carries the dead horse away   KELTAN: What?  I’m going to bury her.   DRAGON: Grrrmmmmph …   KELTAN: No, you can’t eat her! DRAGON: Mmmmff? KELTAN: Because she was a friend to our new friend.  You don’t just eat friends. DRAGON: Runggrrshh … KELTAN:   Just trust me, all right? DRAGON: Brrff.  KELTAN: Good.

No Bowing, Please – Page 1186

9 thoughts on “No Bowing, Please – Page 1186

  1. Okay, I think it is official… The dragon is kinda the sweetest thing so far in this comic. It is just a poor baby….

  2. Dragon needs a name!

    1. Hmm… how about Spitfire?

    2. I’d like to cast a vote for “Ember”
      How long before we learn the dragon’s gender?

  3. The dragon is a predator, and being a flying predator needs lotsa food. Still, there are other non-friends to eat. Keltan’s ability to talk to apparently *all* creatures will have many effects. I wonder if both Liri and Emmon share it, and just have not learned to express it.

    I think the “little” jug of Kishir might leave Ipola a bit unconscious, perhaps. They’ll be proceeding to Valley of the Moon, now that Ipola is injured?, …or elsewhere that she’s needed, if her magic can heal her. Bones are worse than the puncture wounds Tula dealt with. She will have to inform her friends in the Northern nesting grounds of the demise of her flying friend as well. Never a lack of needs for the hands of true royalty.

  4. Dragon: Mmphbukruh.
    Keltan: Like a strange mix of chicken and pork? I’ll take your word for it.

  5. It’s time to say the pledge: horses are friends, not food.

  6. If I’m dead? Go ahead and feed me to a dragon. For one, it saves having to kill anyone or anything else to feed the dragon. Also; That is the best funeral you could ask for. When people ask “how did they go” the answer simply can’t be more bad-ass than “They were eaten by a goddamn dragon.”

  7. Aw, that dragon is going to become the best new sidekick, isn’t it? Also: don’t eat your friends. 😀
    And I love seeing the more human side of Ipola here; she’s vunerable and really needs something for the pain. It’s a nice contrast to her goddess side.

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