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TRANSCRIPT   IPOLA: As I stand in the presence of the gods and all these witnesses I, Ipola queen of the Moon Tribe and liege lady of all Erogenia, accept and embrace you, Michael Levy, known also as Mentl, beloved and silver-bonded of Zona Zonn-Ipola, as my son, as Erogenian and part of the Tribe Of The Moon. You are no longer an outsider, but one of us. Your blood is our blood.  Your life is our life Your cha is our cha. We live and die with you as family. ZONN: And I, Zonn, lord of the Sun Tribe, accept and embrace you, Michael Levy, known also as Mentl, beloved and silver-bonded of Zona Zonn-Ipola, as my son and as part of the Tribe Of The Sun. You are one of us. Your blood is our blood.  Your life is our life. Your cha is our cha. We live and die with you as family. IPOLA: There, Mentl. That was the most pleasant balancing of the cha I have done in some time. MENTL: Thanks … thanks, I … this is really … means a lot. Thanks. ZONA: Thank you, Mother.  Father. IPOLA: You’re very, very welcome. Now - someone said something about a feast?

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  1. someone said something about a torq?

  2. Darnit we didn’t get to see how they put that on, and they definitely put it on between two panels. I was going to make a joke about at least it wasn’t the golden torq, but then I realized that Zona’s is golden. I wonder does your torq change if your position changes? Is Zona’s special because she is the champion?

    I would worry about the loops on the ends instead of balls though. I wonder what the difference is there?

    Lastly I wonder if that other son of Zonn, Thann, will be informed of his father being alive? Or if Zonn would be told of the son’s existence.

    1. maybe the torc material has to do with what’s available for the sun tribe? the hoops may be easier to make.

      1. An explanation by JED was posted some time back that the material of the torcs has more to do with the materials available to the family, etc, than to any social status. It looks like Mentl has a torc made mostly out of the local land lobster shell (“fuvor”), since its shell is workable like horn, with just the ends being metal. (

        1. He could get a torque made of sundrak horn if he’s feeling cheeky. So… Mentyl’s in two tribes at the same time. How’s that work for taxes?

        2. I doubt the Levi tribe taxes anyone…

        3. speaking figuratively.

      2. Oh, and the very first bubble on this following page mentions they’re now using it for torcs for the “younger kids”…and Mentl, having just been adoptedi nto the tribes, gets what they get, even if he’s a few years past physical maturation…

    2. Inquisitive Raven

      Of course, the Internet holds all knowledge. I found an article on the blog of the British Museum about torcs and how you put them on. There’s not a lot of detail, but it’s better than nothing. I have the impression that opening one of those things is a bit like opening a jump ring.

  3. *Squiffy tears of happiness!!*

  4. Wait, there’s a pink haired Erogenian? I did not expect them to have hair dye or even care about such things. XD

    Also, I really like Zonn’s crown and wonder what material it is (looks to be the same as his and Zona’s bracers) and when it was made, since Zonn seemed very reluctant to be called lord, king, or anything of the kind when we met him. Didn’t seem the kind to even want a crown.

    Great page, Jed. 🙂

    1. I expect this was one of the things the tribe overruled their king on. “Hey, once in a while you’re going to NEED a crown, and when that happens, you’re going to HAVE a crown, old man!” And Zonn, being smart enough to realize that arguing with an entire tribe (of EROGENIANS, mind) would never work out for him, wisely agreed. 😉

    2. It looks like Poser’s attempt at strawberry blonde still doesn’t render right.

      1. Yeah, one of them also rendered without a face and the top of her head, I just realized. It just becomes a rock instead. XD

  5. Great, now Mentyl is officially silver bonded to his SISTER.

    probably not what they had in mind though…


    1. Not his sister – It isn’t a stretch for parents to welcome their son-in-law to the the family like their own son. That doesn’t turn marriage into incest.

    2. True story, bro*.

      (*not my brother, not in the familial sense, anyway).

      1. Excellent reply, bro (or sis).

    3. Only in the same sense that every married person with a wife who is accepted by their wife’s parents is married to their sister.

      The legal relationship is more akin to identity, which to be fair seems like even more craziness to me, but…

    4. Geez,
      You guys can’t recognize a joke when you read one?

      1. We of the Internet have no sense of humor of which we are aware. 😉

      2. Internet humor became too difficult to determine with the depreciation of the blink tag.
        …although there are advocates for using one of a variety of smileys for that purpose, it’s just not as, reliable, an indicator. No one could ever take a blink tag seriously.

  6. I guess Mentl is now a MOT in more than one way!

  7. So Jd. supposed correctly! i didn’t thought it would be that important for Mentl but, yes, being part of a place, tribe, is important.
    So cooooool!
    I wonder if by ‘son’ they refer as him being silver bonded (the two of them recognise this also!) or because by being part of their tribe, he is their ‘child’ (king and queen being the parent of their people in a sens).

    1. I’d opt for both meanings of the term being operative. I think JED is more than capable of covering two or more bases at once.

  8. That… was beautiful! Well done, Jed. Well done!

  9. Wow, the woman at the far left in panel takes cantilevers to the extreme!

    While perhaps not as large as Zona, her “extension” is greater (and using only muscle power – no external supports).

    1. Remember that a sizeable number of the modern Sun tribe are former slaves of the Urtts, who bred their slaves for long, silky hair for weaving into textiles, and heavy musculature and heavy milk production for food.
      It’s not stated, but the slaves probably have skin that is superior for leatherworking, too.

      1. That would be further evidence of stupidity on the part of the Urtts. Human skin is terrible for leatherworking. Nowhere near thick or durable enough. It doesn’t even make decent parchment the way sheepskin does.

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