YANORA: And you want to make love with me?   LAEMUL: Oh, I do.    PANEL 2   YANORA: With what expectation?  Are you going to want me to make you breakfast?   LAEMUL: (laughs) No. I have servants for that – so do you.   YANORA: Do you want to make it something to … use?  Become a favorite of mine in court, or …   PANEL 3   LAEMUL: Yanora, we are not children.  Nor am I one who desperately needs to climb like a clinging vine onto something else, lacking the power to stand on my own. No – I would welcome your honest friendship –    YANORA: And sex.    LAEMUL: Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes. But that is … personal.  The rest is separate. If we are wise and honest together, it will survive regardless of whether we make love or not.     PANEL 4   YANORA: Very well.    PANEL 5 He moves to embrace her   YANORA: Not here. Come to my chamber after vigils.    LAEMUL: Tonight?     YANORA: Yes.  Bring only yourself, no candle or lamp –  use a spell to make certain you’re not noticed, eh?   LAEMUL: I know several. I’ll use –     YANORA: You don’t have to impress me further, Laemul.     PANEL 6   LAEMUL:  (kisses her hand) Your Highness.    YANORA: Master.  Adieu.   

Past Is Prologue – Page 1215

6 thoughts on “Past Is Prologue – Page 1215

  1. Hot Stuff! He’d be a Fool to turn that away!

  2. Such a charming story! And I assume this means you have safely landed in your new digs.

  3. Friends with benefits is nice.
    Friends you can trust, in a place you can trust no one else’s word, … with benefits, … is a gift from god!

  4. I appreciate the lighting, etc., but for the past few months the only way I can read the comic is via the text underneath.

    Is there any way we can increase the light level a bit, and place all text on a white background? It would really, really help.

  5. Say, in that second panel, we see a blazoned shield on the chimney’s mantle.
    That is the modern blason of the French Kingdom. Could it be our good mystic Laemul is from a Kivalian province akin to France?

  6. And suddenly that spell becomes so useful in this exchange…
    Hope your moving went well!

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