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TRANSCRIPT: TULA: So - as pleasant as this has been, we need to start thinking about how to get ourselves back to the Valley Of The Moon. ZONN: I can probably help you there.  For you three, it shouldn’t be impossible to climb over the blocked pass and strike southwest over the lower peaks.  That way you’ll avoid the worst of the Urtt territory - well, what was the Urtt territory twenty five years ago.  If you take my advice you’ll head due south for at least two weeks of solid trekking before you go west again.   ZONA: It will take months of walking to finally get home. MENTL: I dunno.  Maybe we can work out something else.  We have some … resources. Maybe I can figure out how all three of us can …  (Sees them all staring up at the sky) All right - what, what?

17 thoughts on “Plans And Interruption – Page 1070

  1. Oh, what is flying in now.

  2. Somehow I suspect that whatever everyone else spotted first is likely to short-circuit an opportunity for Mentl to have kicked out some Steppenwolf, specifically Magic Carpet Ride.

    1. Oooo… Great choice!

      1. Beats my first choices “Ain’t no mountain high enough” (Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell), “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” (The Proclaimers) or possibly “To her door” (Paul Kelly). Though the last one is more suited to if rather than Zona going to LA to find him, if he had tried to go back and apologise for walking out.

      2. Also beats Sinatra’s “Come fly with me”, for Mentl’s style (or for that matter “Fly me to the moon [tribe]”

  3. The fact that Mentl apparently doesn’t (yet) see whatever it is that the others see something of significance only to Erogenians. Perhaps the Sun and Moon in a particular alignment?

  4. ? Wouldn’t you like to fly in my beautiful balloon??

  5. The fact that at least one dragon was seen in Urtt territory does *not* mean that they cannot be flying elsewhere as well. Gorsach has information on humans, including knowledge of the war between Western Kivalians and Draconians. Since, the Voice of Shuach could suggest, using this information, that the dragons do a little recon to the South, it might be that they are staring at a flying dragon up in the sky.

    1. I thought of the dragons at first too, but if it WERE those creatures, the party would be looking shocked and afraid/angry rather than bewildered and bemused. So it must be something else.

  6. Awww, Tula and Chera are so cute in that first panel.

    And Tula’s expression in the last panel. Magnificent.

    Note that Tula and Zona, the Moon tribe denizens, look astonished where Jeevik (thanks for the tag!), Zonn and Chera tend to look more wary. Apparently they’ve seen it before.

    … And I’m sad, because the plot should be moving away from Chera. Sniff.

    1. Maybe a twister? Or even just a storm cloud? Dust cloud?
      Mentl SHOULD know to respect tornadoes, but, not being a desert dweller, may not understand the significance of a potential flash flood or a dust storm so thick it resembles a blizzard, only using sand.

  7. “Or, we could go by Dragon.”

  8. Psst, Jed, you forgot to tag Zona herself on this page.

    And I love how Tula seems to have gotten Chera’s poncho. They look so sweet. 😀

    1. Oh yeah, that redhead sun-sensitive skin. Good catch, sibling.

  9. Look! Up in the sky!

    Is it a bird?

    Is it a plane?

  10. Did Mr. Dragon tell Mr. Hate to Love to take a flying leap off a short pier?

  11. I have a hard time caring for what might in the distant vista for our heroes; I’m still agog with Zona’s top. Looks like its still cold in the desert…

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