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  1. Touché.
    *ugly sobbing*

  2. Dang it, who’s cutting onions?

  3. Very rarely do people live up to the stories about them. It’s even more amazing when the stories don’t live up to the person.

    1. It happens sometimes though. I heard a story from someone recalling a memory of an instance of his father. It went something like this:
      When he was younger, the family would spend time traveling around the country when his father has his vacation time from work. Being with a tour group at the Grand Canyon, they were peering over the canyon from the edge & admiring the view. Extolling a bit at the majesty of Nature, a gust of wind pulled the hat off his dad’s head & went it sailing over the edge, effectively gone forever. The crowd let out an easily-heard collective “aww” at the loss.
      His dad turned towards the child with a smile & said something like, “Nature provides with food & life & well as it can cause disasters that devastate many. Trust in Nature & it will also give what it once took away.” He lifted his hand in a grand gesture to give emphasis to his little speech, when lo & behold, that was when the wind grabbed a hat from someone else.
      The hat blew literally right *into* the hand of the kid’s dad, who caught it, said “See what I mean?” and without missing a beat, pulled the hat onto his head & gave a great nod of his head while grinning.

      That was the day his father became a legend. And the kid saw it happen right there in front of his eyes. I pray to God that every child has the chance to see one (or both) of their parents become a legend at some point in life. It’s times like *that* that can make life really *worth* living out to its fullness in time.

      1. So your friend’s dad stole somebody’s hat?

      2. I’m trying to remember what book I read your “Friend’s story” from.

        1. Yeah, it sounds familiar to me, too, but I can’t place it. He didn’t say it was a friend, though, he just said he heard the story from someone. Reading it in a book counts as hearing it from someone. 😉

  4. I just noticed. Mentl before they came to Erogenia, now Zona… there’s a recurring motif about making one’s peace with one’s father. Conversely, I don’t remember anything about Tula’s father except his name (Uthic) and his tribe (Wolf). Will they get to make up for bad memories too?

    And of course, there’s some peace to be made between Zona and Ipola. (And Tula and Ipola as well, if and when the latter learns that sister Knowledge has spirited away her champion right in the middle of a long-term operation into enemy territory.)

    1. If I recall correctly Uthic is the current chief of the Wolf Tribe, and on his way out (With a replacement heir not as keen to follow Ipola as he is)

      If I had to guess, Tula’s relationship was had more contact with her father, but it might be a thing that comes up in future.

    2. Michael’s issues were with his mother, and were touched on at the Jahrzeit.

  5. We human beings are limited creature, all limited in what we see & what we do & can experience. It’s kind of difficult in regretting something that never actually happened. It’s really nothing more than a “what if” fantasy anyway. What we *can* try to do is figure out what might have made things better in our past & try to live the present so that the future becomes better as a result.

  6. What, no hug, Zona??

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