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  1. I believe the term we’re looking for is “fiery redhead”.

    1. With literal fire!


      – Warm regards,


  2. Holy cow! That’s some magic arrows! Blow his head off and burn the neck!

    1. Well, you can’t have him bleeding to death, can you?

      Warm regards,


      1. Of course not.
        Some other Urrt, possessing heretofore unseen empathy or concern, might staunch the bleeding and keep them alive.

        Also, it’s good to see she was able to “walk away” from this “landing”. Let’s see how long she can hold out, or if she can make it back to her own lines.

  3. She is SO NOT happy!!! This isn’t going well though… *worried*

  4. Downed, but not down.

  5. I guess her anger at Hrraarch’s death is the reason why she didn’t offer them to surrender. After all, the Urtts are badly outnumbered.

    (Still, where is the dragon?)

    1. [jd.]:
      Well, that, & let’s not forget that she has a promise to keep.
      On Pg.1116, we’re reminded of her vow of 20yrs. earlier, & she does NOT take her vows lightly.
      By my count, that’s (so far) 3 Urtts down, with 2 remaining on the ground (that we’ve seen), plus the dragon & it’s rider.
      If she’s VERY lucky, the rider was no more than a certain Urtt whom she might recall from 2 decades earlier.

  6. Oh, well that seems perfectly normal.

  7. They sent only five to check. They are so outnumbered

    1. Well, we see five. They span the width of the panel. There could be more just off-panel.
      Also, more may arrive while she’s mopping up.

      1. But still, the number at which they would outnumber Ipola at this moment is still unreasonably large for them, unless she literally dropped on top of their main force.

        And even then, it’ll be tough for them.

  8. Those eyes. Something to strike terror.

  9. All that alt text needs now is a handshake.

  10. JED, do you copy? Have you ever considered Zona in a video game? If not made by you, then maybe by someone else. I’m swamped with work so I can’t do much anything about it. But if I got your attention, I believe RPG Maker series gets it done with the least effort. That, or modding an existing game, like Skyrim.

  11. “Pissed off” rather than pissed-as-in-intoxicated, I gather. Meanwhile, go gettem, Ipola!

  12. She’s pissed, all right… and she’s wasting power because of it. Each and every one of those shots so far were immediately incapacitating, and probably lethal in short order. The fire is overkill.

    Better to save the power for when it’s needed, if you can shoot with that level of accuracy!

  13. Hope we get to see how HRRAARCH managed to navigate a safe landing for Ipola while dying.

    1. The Gorram Batguy

      Oh, no, Hrraarch was instantly dead when the fire instantly incinerated her head-flesh. So the fact that Ipola survived the crash is even more noteworthy.

  14. Welp. It’s John Lee Hooker time. Boom boom boom boom. And if not today, boom tomorrow.

  15. Was a comment deleted from here?

    1. If you’ve not already been approved for a comment, or the cookie from when you posted a comment that has been approved has been scrubbed from your browser, you land in the moderation stack.

      It’s a pain, but on the other hand, I haven’t seen any ads for “C1alis”.

      1. Correction, you might land in the moderation stack anyway, but if you have recently posted, at least you can see the new ones.

  16. “You send a Dragon, an actual Dragon to kill my friend, but for me you think a mere five Urtts will suffice? I shall have to remind you who I am and why anything less than a legion is an insult.”

  17. Let us hope this is not a repeat of the last stands in “Black Hawk down”. :-S

  18. Wow, I didn’t notice at first but even the arrows’ fletch looks deadly. I guess it’s mostly to strike fear in the allies of the felled enemies, since if it is as dangerous as it looks, it’s mostly dangerous for the archer herself. Unless Ipola is creating them magically, one at a time? I must say I’m worried about ammunition reserves…

    1. Well, she has ready access to fletching. Shafts and heads might be harder to come by.

      Also, I now want some injection molded fletching in that pattern or something similar.
      Maybe gray and black. Or bronze and yellow.

    2. Also, the great thing about arrows is, if you win, they’re mostly reusable.
      Of course, if you don’t win, they’re still reusable, but you’re probably not going to care.

  19. What a coincidence. I just saw this video yesterday. I think it’s worth sharing here, given her impressive archery skills.

    Instant Robin Hood!

  20. Wow, nice effect on the eyes! 😀 That’s one royally pissed Queen.
    I don’t think she’ll make it out of this, but she’ll take down a large number of foot soldiers before she is subdued.

  21. This is the worst type of person to make that angry. One who’s experienced and wise enough to focus and use the anger, and think through it. These guys are in deep trouble.

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