The Real Deal – Page 1066

TRANSCRIPT: YANORA:  Proceed, darling.  I’m going to sit and have a drink, if no one minds. THERIK: Your Majesty - I must protest!  This … this illusion may be some Draconian trick. GUDIK: Therik. THERIK:  The Church does not approve of this magick, I am sure.  Some power may be trying to deceive you ... GUDIK: Therik.   THERIK: My lord, I must - GUDIK: And you just did.  Well done. Now kindly shut up.    GUDIK: Believe me, no one can counterfeit my mother, not like this.   This is her, in all her insufferable glory. YANORA: Oh, I love you too, sweet boy. GUDIK: (pours a wine for himself.)  All right, Tethik. Let us hear it. And for your sake this had better be absolutely everything you say it is.

10 thoughts on “The Real Deal – Page 1066

  1. Uhh…Tethik is actually there in body. Quite a feat of fraud to impersonate him.

    1. The churchman is reaching. He’s probably able to guess that his little warrior king is about to drop this “holy crusade” for more pressing concerns, and he may have even been given orders to distract and delay him as long as possible, since a higher-tier churchman is angling to put his niece on the throne and get the…popeship?

      1. Or just focused on the medium (“unholy” magic) and missing the message.

  2. Somehow, this reminds me of the movie scene where Cyclops asks Wolverine to prove he isn’t a shapeshifter.

    “You’re a dick,” says Wolverine.

    Cyclops thinks about it, nods his head, and Wolverine is cleared.

    1. Beautiful comparison with the situation here, brother!

      By that way, we saw that film with my daughter two evenings ago. That was my third time, and I loved it again.

      And yeah, Wolverine somehow always gets the best jokes.

  3. … So the king wasn’t just bantering with his mother, he was making her pass a test! I like him better every page. (And I feel sorry for Therik as a character, as I always do when I see someone in fiction whose sole purpose seems to be disliked. But maybe JED will surprise us about him. I’d love to see him betray Macon at the very portentous moment when the latter would implement the last, decisive step of his diabolical plan. Then again, nothing says he’s in with Macon’s conspiracy. Maybe he’s just a good party liner.)

    And of course, that last line from Gudik brings up to mind the old saying, “Beware your wishes, for they may well come true.”

    1. If it was a test, it was for Therik’s benefit, not Gudik’s.

    2. Or, in the words of Harold Francis « Dirty Harry » Callahan, “careful what you wish for, punk.”

  4. I’m chuckling over how Gudik handled the priest. “Protest noted and logged, now shut UP already!”

  5. I love how Gudik handles the pointy nosed bishop. And I can’t wait for the reaction to all Tethik has to say. This should be fun.

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