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  1. The odd thing, with this taking place between realms… that might actually be his dad, and not just a hallucination?

  2. that this seems to be a settle the issues with his dad things now, does make it really odd just who/what brought him here.

    1. Not really. Shuach (or one of his servants) might have thought this would crush Mentl, but the Book knew better. Having evil plans not go as expected for the evil one is a standard story trope.

  3. Now *this* is healing as a Good Book would do it!

  4. We are all going out someday–why not let it happen without making such a big deal of how exactly it happens when the time draws near? Do what you can to be of use and comfort to others, and when the time goes, don’t have anything to regret that you didn’t balance.

  5. Indeed. When the time comes, yes please do increase my dosage. Nothing to be sorry for, a lot easier on me and everyone else involved. Trying to prolong a life that is over is torture for everyone, particularly the patient.

  6. 1 – a pleasure to see the site back
    2 – well, it seems the book had a reason after all to bring Mentl and co here. I remember the comic ‘The Incal’ by Moebius and Jodorowski. In one of the scene, one of the main character having gone through a lot is unaffected by a ‘curse/mental attack’ focusing on the fear of every people involved. What I am trying to say in this long and complicated way is this: if Mentl successfully go over his own ‘failing/guilt/fear’ then he won’t be as susceptible to Shuach attacks… or so I suppose. And so perhaps this is why the Book brought them here…

  7. That conversation… I was there, last March. And agreed to the upping of dosage. I still think it was the right thing to do but damn if I haven’t relived that moment on many, many nights.

    1. I had something similar, bringing a cold to my father who was in terrible health and just about to leave us. Did the cold hasten it? I’ll never know. But I felt I made the situation worse, and have been carrying that silently with me for a while. This story touched a chord with me, and helped pull off the scab. Good luck to you, too, and I hope this helps you like it did me.

  8. I think the Book brought him here to face his ghosts. His fears sure, though not always another name fore the same. He is haunted by fear that his father’s death was his fault. Fear the the old girlfriend he manipulated, that her death was his fault. Fear that he could turn Zona into a vapid sex-song groupie and not realize it.
    We have now seen him confront and be yelled at by two of those fears.
    Sadly, I suspect he and the ghost of the girl both feel he is at fault, which will make the next one trickier.
    But uber necessary if he is going to mentally service what he did to snake girl.

  9. I think all of these interactive visions are distractions to keep him in the otherwhen for as long as possible. Zona is now forced to try and find him again and remind him that this isn’t a dream in any normal sense and he needs to escape back to the real world not just wake up.

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