TRANSCRIPT: PANEL 1: Urtt shoots a crossbow bolt into Keltan. PANEL 2: CU of Keltan, unimpressed. PANEL 3: ON Urtt Rider, surprised and disappointed. PANEL 4: Urtt Rider tries frantically to get the dragon to flame again, hitting him repeatedly with the hook. URTT: PRAFA! PRAFA! NAGA! DUL GUKNA! PRAFAAAAA!!! PANEL 6: CU on Keltan, drawing back his club KELTAN: STOP – PANEL 7: On Urtt, looking at his doom in the face KELTAN: – HURTING HIM!!! PANEL 8: Where once there had been a complete Urtt, is now a half an Urtt and a fine red mist.

Whop – Page 1184

21 thoughts on “Whop – Page 1184

  1. Oh my. Keltan’s face in panel 2.

    That’s the face of a man who has depleted his supply of givable f***s.

    1. “Seriously?”
      ~J. Jonah Jameson

  2. Awwww… That is oddly adorable.

  3. That was very satisfying!

    Thanks for that.

  4. It’s not the arrow that got you killed, it’s hurting the dragon that did it. Too bad there’s no way to reconsider, eh?

  5. Owie. That’s gonna leave a mark.

  6. It was at this moment he knew…

    He f**ked up.

  7. While not my PRECISE prediction, I’m surprised at how close I got!
    Based upon how abjectly unhappy he looks, what are the odds that the dragon will want Keltan to ADOPT him, rather than risk getting re-enslaved by those Urtts near the dragon’s home?
    If the dragon *IS* adopted, & if Keltan’s family goes through with their plans to adopt some sabretooth cubs from Zona’s tribe, hopefully Keltan will be able to teach them to get-along with each other. The dragon looks big-enough to take on the role of “big sibling” to the cubs, during their “playful / boisterous” phase of growth, without suffering *TOO* many scars.

  8. @[J.E.Draft]:
    Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it, but as of [2020/07/07_Tu], the previous page continues to “bleed” off to the right, out of sight, as though there’s no limiting right margin defined…
    …or perhaps the LEFT-margin was defined as being too wide…?

  9. Keltan’s face in the second panel. Just priceless.
    There are quite a few memes that could be used here.

    1. Like maybe: “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

      1. PHWWEEEEENNNN!!! Dum! Dum! DUM DUM!

  10. Now, Keltan shall be nicknamed “the Whopper”.

    1. I’m pretty sure Liri already calls him that

      1. Eh. I’m sure, indeed. ^^

    2. Not even two hands could handle this Whopper.

  11. Wow, that urtt rider must be strapped quite well into the saddle since he ended up in two halves rather than just flying off when the club hit!
    But I don’t think any of us are surprised at the urtt’s demise. He had it coming.

  12. Cleaved him in two… but at the same time not exactly “cleaved”. Also did anyone else notice the frowning face in the blurred scythe motions of panel four?

  13. He had it coming
    He had it coming
    He only had himself to blame.
    If you’d have been there
    If you had seen it
    I bet you you would have done the same…

    … Leaving out the withstanding dragonfire, no-selling a crossbow bolt and then whopping a man-sized creature in twain part, obviously.

  14. Ville Tuomas Vuorela

    I think the Urt might be dead.

    1. T’is but a flesh wound!

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