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Transcript:   ZONA: So … Benelek, Tragan, Musta …    PANEL 2 (Yatta-Ta throwing his hat in the fire)   RANNIK: And Sheahla.  That’s just today.    ZONA: Gods.     PANEL 3 CU on Zona   ZONA: How many left?   RANNIK: Twenty five, Highness.    ZONA: I … If I’d been there …   PANEL 4 CU on Rannik   RANNIK: Don’t.  You had good reason to do what you did.  And you succeeded. So did we, frankly. We fought well, we fought hard.  We got everything we were sent to get and more. Our little band weren’t sent here to win the war, Zona.  We were here to be a bug up the ass of the Urtts, and to get the information that your mother needs to make preparations to win the war. All of us knew what we were in for.  All of us - including you - were willing to die if we had to.  PANEL 5   On ZONA   ZONA: I know. I know,  I just wish … PANEL 6   ON PONTAGAR   PONTAGAR: Wishes don’t win battles, princess. 

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  1. Ooof. Things never get any easier for these folk

  2. Oddly enough, I think Pontigar was the absolute best choice for saying that one line.

    (Now if he can only hold it together and not be asshole-ish with whatever else he says next… Not gonna hold my breath, but I can always hope!)

    1. I agree on both counts.

      As I feel it, his old rivalry/assholery is slightly showing up, and motivates him to chide the “princess”.
      At the same time, he has a point, and he would be a poor warrior if he failed to remind the members of his warband of the harsh realities of guerrilla warfare. If anything, letting your battle partners spiral down into depressive wishes and thoughts is bad, both for morale and survival.
      And of all the people around the campfire, he indeed may be the best choice to be the one taking the roll of antagonizing Zona. No risk of harming a long-lasting friendship.
      That being said, yep. Will he wisely stop here, or will he feel the need to dig deeper?

  3. Sadly, even if they did not like Mentl at all, with his pure firepower in the fight, they KNOW they can win with a lot less casualties…

  4. MMMM. Pontagar is a great bit of man-flesh.

  5. Benelek died? I just checked page 1149 and indeed, the rightmost person wears a yellow and black striped top that could be the same as what he is wearing during his argument with Yatta-Ta in https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/hollywood-ending/page-568/ . He isn’t in the character tags, though. I’ll mourn the brave shield.

    At first I thought Pontagar had his hand supportively on Zona’s shoulder, but on closer inspection I was mistaken. Still, there’s something strange about his gaze in the last panel. Also, interesting that he calls her “Princess” instead of “Champion”. I guess he would not call her “Highness” since they are both princesses from different tribes.

    Rannik has the right of it; Zona did what she did for a very real reason, one that even makes sense strategically, as they’ve just witnessed. Not only that, but though her presence would certainly have made a difference at times, one has to trust at least Rannik’s tactics and strategy that the group adjusted their plans to account for her absence.

    Also, thank the script for noting that Yatta-Ta is throwing his hat into the fire in panel 2. I hadn’t noticed that it was what he was doing.

    1. Yanno, I don’t see where Pontagar is being an asshat here. First, his comment – it’s accurate and supportive of the entire company / band and their prowess. Casualties happen, but it’s to the credit of the dead that he says that – they fought well and sacrificed… no one can ask for more than that. Ok, maybe not as diplomatic as he COULD have been, but I don’t believe Pontagar is much of a diplomat…
      Second – “Princess” versus “Champion”. By calling her Princess, he’s acknowledging her standing as Princess of Erogenia as a whole. He’s a Prince, yes, but of a single tribe, not of the unified tribes. Thus, she outranks him.
      Ok, he’s arrogant and a bully as stated way back when in this tale. Here, however, he’s just being a ranking soldier and speaking truths, however bluntly.

  6. 75% casualties. Wow. That’s approaching the First Minnesota, who lost 82% at Gettysburg (the worst loss for any unit in American military history).

    1. Not one battle, but yeah.

    2. 75 % of casualties? Four out of the 29 they were before this engagement? O_o

    3. *sees other comments*

      …out of the 101 they started with? O_o

  7. True that, Pontagar. True that.

  8. Yatta-Ta has thrown his hat into the fire. He really passed a point there.

  9. Well, for once I agree with Pontagar. Don’t know if the war has simply made him more likable or if it’s hidden depth, but he’s right; wishes don’t get you anywhere.
    But yeah. A war band that started with 101 people is now down to 25 (well, 27 if Tula and Mentl counts as newcomers). That’s some heavy loses.

    1. Whoa. They are down to 27 out of the 101 they started with? I did not remember that. From company to platoon. Gee… :-S

    2. Yeah, and that’s only when you add in Mentl and Tula as newcomers. They weren’t a part of the original 101. So, they have sustained heavy loses over autumn and winter. (Albeit we know some of them was while Zona was still there).

  10. “As near as I could ever tell, just wishing for a horse means you end up walking.”

    True enough. You have to *look* for your miracles before you can find them.

  11. Hover-text from Wishin’ and Hopin’. Not sure which singer, but here’s Dusty Springfield:

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