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  1. Seriously Zonas face…. she lost a twelve round fight with an ogre didn’t she?

    Man just trying to give a comparison here but that version of Zona is comparable with the original Sonic look that was recently roasted over an open flame.

    it is just… THAT… bad.

    Again I understand you likely can’t use the original models due to licensing but this new look is horrific.

    1. I can use any model I want. I own the character, and I have legal purchase of the Victoria 4 and Genesis 8 models for artistic use, which this is. I wanted to use the Genesis 8 model as it is more detailed and realistic, and works with Daz Studio better than the V4 model. The designs are never going to look identical due to differences in the mesh, and while I certainly take your critique into consideration, I respectfully disagree with the vehemence of it. We designed this character with the original Victoria 3 face specifically in mind and right in front of us, taking as few liberties as possible. I can understand some disappointment that she does not look like the model I currently use, but understand that I am not Sony, and Zona is not a big franchise with a fan base worth millions of dollars in revenue. We are now in production on the animated trailer with the models that we have and with the money that I have and can borrow and which my Patrons from Patreon generously contribute each month. I can’t afford, at this time, to extensively redesign her. That being said, there may be tweaks that can be made, but from some of the comments, it seems I’ll have a hard time satisfying some people, so at this point I will be more concerned with satisfying my own vision, and hope that the end result will gain enough interest for someone to invest money in its furtherance.

      Also bear in mind that this is only a 61 second trailer. If the gods are kind, we will get some investor excited with the story and the characters and we will begin production on the series in earnest. At that point, of course, we will be able to refine things ever more.

      Mean time, I will of course continue production of the comic with the models you are familiar with – in most cases. I recall that when I began using M4 for Mentl and V4 for Zona and Tula there was considerable very specific outcry amongst Zona’s vocal fans, but now we’re all very used to it. I think it’s interesting that no one seems to mind right now that I am slowly transitioning all the characters with old legacy V3 and M2/M3 models to the newer V4 and M4 models for all characters. The latest for this is Maldik himself in these last few pages, and to my own eyes he’s quite different, though the general design is as close as I could make it.

      Anyway, I did want to respond to this as I love you all and never want you to think I am not listening to you. As often as is practical I will take your comments to heart and incorporate them into my work. In the end, this is my labor of love, my story and my vision. This next step is a big deal, a big investment and a big chance I am taking. When I put out a call to please support Zona on Patreon, that is what I am asking you to help with, and any help, any comment, (even a negative one so long as it’s respectful) any retweet or Facebook share or like is welcome.

      Warm regards,


  2. Regarding the model I have to agree with Xiane and I understand your constraints. Maybe it is just her expression but it comes across as a HS beach babe out to have a good time, NOT a battle tested warrior. Her face (expression?) is just unbelievable for someone who has grown up in Erogenian environment. It lacks character. The faces of Ipola, Tule and Zona all have a depth of character, seriousness, hardness(?) to them that supports and the hardships and travails of the Erogenian life and battles. In contrast, this face undermines your story. Her body is not so important. Humans communicate via facial expressions, especially the eyes, and this face does not communicate Zona.

    Regarding the trailer my first reaction is that it is only about death. Zona is about life and the trailer should depict that. Yes, battles and death are part of life but only a part – not the entirety. The poses of the Urtts at the look just that – poses. Artificial and off putting.
    A trailer with a short battle scene and/or community scene would be great but would probably require an exorbitant amount of work I suspect. A scene of Zona, Mentl and her cat would be nice – could even be looking a a dead Urtt.

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