Zona G8 Mk2

Just at the moment, we’re temporarily stalled on the animation project. So we’ve taken advantage of the lull to revisit the Gen 8 model of Zona, and I think this time, even more than last, we’ve hit it on the head. So Brian came up with a couple of pinups of her of which this is a closeup. If you want to see more (much more) become a Patreon patron at https://www.patreon.com/JEDraft

Warm regards, all!

7 thoughts on “Zona G8 Mk2

  1. Hmmm. Still looks a bit off. Her cheeks are a bit too sunken in, and her nose is turned up slightly too much. Chin and eyes look good though.

  2. I always thought the current model is a bit off, never got used to it since you introduced it. Something about the chin line. This seems closer to the original and it doesn’t feel wrong.

  3. Have you tried using that “Deep fake” video face replacement system?
    Use a few “photos” of Zona, and “Overlay” her face onto a real human model.

    Can do real time adjustment of the real face to match the photos.

  4. Definitely a huge leap in the right direction, as Mysto mentions the nose looks a touch too ‘up’ but might just be the pose angle too. While still a bit off from comic Zona looks this version is definitely less DBD killer stand in-ish. πŸ˜‰

  5. As someone who’s in the CG field…

    You need to increase the size of the nostrils and nose tip area by… 10%.

    Inflate the cheekbones (not sure which sculpting program you’re using, but any of them should be able to do that) just a bit- OG Zona has these round, smiling cheekbones even when she’s not smiling- it helps soften and feminize her face. That’s why her cheeks look sunken- not because they are, but because her cheekbones project so much further. So flatten those cheeks, and bubble up those cheekbones.

    Similarly, increase the size of the chin-tip by about… 8% or so? Right now her jawline goes straight into her chin, which OG Zona’s doesn’t- she’s got that larger chin which gives her jawline a concave profile.

    Biggest thing, I think, though, is that her mouth is too small. Zona has a large, expressive mouth, for smirking, or yelling, or smiling. The corners of her mouth should at least be below the centers of her eyeballs, if not even further out.

    All those you should be able to do without too much change to the facial poses, I think. Might need to work some of the syllables and the smiling poses a bit, though.

    Can’t see much of her torso, but what I can see looks good. Got those strong Traps and that sturdy neck. Maybe buff up her pectoral muscles a little, in where they join the shoulder- those’re her sword-swingin’ muscles, so even with her crazy strength letting her keep a trimmer figure, they should be sturdy.

    Looking forwards to seeing Zona in action, really.

    Just remember- sub-par animation quality can be forgiven. sub-par story, pacing, etc… cannot.

  6. Looks good, but a bit off from comic Zona. I think it’s mostly the eyebrows and lips, and of course, the hair’s a bit different, too. More yellow and shorter bangs. But Anvildude probably said it the best.
    But I think she looks pretty good. πŸ™‚

  7. HUGE leap forward. this model is much better than the first one. For me I also agree with everything Anvildude said but he didn’t comment on the hair. One of the things that stood out the most for me in the first model was the hair so much shorter than in the comic and dirty blond instead of snow blond like in the comic. The lips also seem a bit too pale in color but that might just be part of the mouth being too narrow. As anvil dude said the biggest issue I have now is the cheekbones are far too pronounced. Really looking forward to seeing this now.

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