Absurd Encounter – Page 1171

TRANSCRIPT: IPOLA: KAN URRTAN ESSHATAKU! IPOLA: (in Erogenian) <So this verifies what is written in the chronicles of Dav the Maker, then. Constructs made from dead flesh are inherently unstable.> <Now - what say you stop your dithering and we finish this absurd encounter?> IPOLA: MACH ERAN LIGATA! KOR LACHNIS: MITHU NAGA KRYU!

9 thoughts on “Absurd Encounter – Page 1171

  1. So now it comes down to it: whose mojo is stronger?

    Unless, as I still speculate, Ipola plans to bring the house down on both of them. A queen for a king will, after all, win the match.

  2. Go, go, Ipola! 😀 Such intense pages! I love her analytical, scientific mindset in all of this; she’s my favorite, fictional queen.

  3. This is actually making me think TWO things. The first is that Ipola just stated a very, very, very good reason not to practice necromancy: It doesn’t work so well. “It’s evil, immoral, wrong… and besides, zombies are skeletons are flimsy and often smelly things, inferior to a proper warrior with some half-decent “buffs” on them.

    Second is a bit from the book “God Emperor of Dune,” where Duncan gets humiliated by Leto’s vizier in a brief physical altercation. The vizier points out that Duncan is the reincarnation of the original Duncan Idaho, whereas the vizier is a “late stage” example of Leto’s eugenics programs. Duncan is superior in many respects… but his reflexes are much, much slower. The vizier later apologizes for it, in fact – Duncan is a magnificent specimen that they keep resurrecting to reintroduce his genetic code into the program… but there’s been a few millenia’s worth of other developments, and what was considered “overwhelmingly superior” back then is now regarded as “impressive in some respects, but decidedly antiquated in others.”

  4. *Groan* A beam clash? How many episodes will this one last, I wonder?

    Gorram it, Goku, learn somthing…uh, wait…

  5. You know what *my* concern is?
    What’s Gorshash up to during this? I’m not gonna take it on faith that a couple of barrels is enough to put him down for keeps, and Ipola has spent a fair amount of time playing around here. >_<

    "If you're going to kill a man, kill him. Don't have a conversation with him."

    1. Precisely this, Garou.

      She’s been trying to psych him for some reason, but she still has someone at her back – and time has never been her friend here.

      Either she’s trying to distract KL from something (if it’s a Samson Strategy, she has played it perfectly), or she is falling into familiar patterns when they may not serve her well.

      It would be quite the bummer if she turns out to be the sacrifice that opens the gate for Shuach.

    2. On the one hand you’re absolutely right.

      On the other … I’m not sure that Kor Lachnis would be pleased with Gorshash intervening. More to the point, I don’t think Gorshash thinks Kor Lachnis would better pleased by him intervening, unless there are preexisting and specific orders to that effect.

  6. “Mortal up-fuckery”, indeed!

  7. She sure looks great in her underwear! Now she needs to kill that dumbass, and move on!

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