Freudian Imagery – Page 1170

TRANSCRIPT:   The Eshtakk's corpse suddenly erupts with tentacles which reach out to ensnare Ipola KOR LACHNIS: <Mock me now, moon queen! Where are your clever jibes n- > IPOLA: <Please don’t distract me. I’m working on a poem in my head as I deal with this obvious substitute for your masculine inadequecy. How many words in Erogenian are there that rhyme with “impotent?”>

15 thoughts on “Freudian Imagery – Page 1170

  1. Woohoo! Slay him, Queen Ipola! 😀

    Also; what is it with poems to mock your enemy? Maybe Yatta-ta and Ipola can form a battle poem club. 😉

    1. Actually, in this case it refers to some of the writings of emperor Claudius on his encounters with British druids regarding the training of their novices. Novices, according to what he was told (If I remember correctly) included composing odes while they were being held underwater and pressed with stones.

      – warm regards,

    2. Bardbarians?

    3. Personally, I’m thinking she was inspired by Yatta-ta’s habit of poetry mid-battle, which I’m sure got mentioned when she received reports sent from the warband as they headed across Kivalian lands and into Urtt territory. (Or brought to her by eavesdropping birds, who knows?) Someone composing a poetry to someone else’s stupidty mid-battle with them is a beautiful diss, a verbal face-slap adding a delightfully erudite insult to any (well-deserved) injuries.

  2. Oooooo! Now Ipola is hitting him below the belt.
    In a manner of speaking.

  3. Well … he DID invite her to mock him again, & she was MOST prompt in responding to his request.
    Bravo, Milady — Kudos.

  4. Sounds like Ipola has heard of the exploits of the greatest swordsman in all of Kivalia, and wants to emulate his example.

    1. Or maybe Thann has told her about Morcai’s skirmish song?

  5. Impotent — > In-consequent –> Malcontent –> Rodent

    So despite all his rage he is still just a rat in a cage?

    1. Superb flow, sibling. Maybe a bit modern for an Erogenian queen, but totally approved here.

  6. Oh, snap! NOW it’s ON!


  7. Cigar? Where have we heard that before?! HMMM??!!

  8. Ooooohhhh YESSSSS. It’s been too long since we haven’t had a song/poem during a fight. As a huge Cyrano de Bergerac fan, I heartily approve.

    (By the way, does “tentacle” rhyme with “mind of a barnacle”?)

    Also, her smile is delightfully gleeful.

    Last, Squire James, brother, good catch about Kor Lachnis’s use of the word “eshtakk” on the previous page; I certainly hadn’t anticipated this meaning.

  9. Where is her ring?

    1. Still on the table. She didn’t get much time to redress.

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