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Again, that word … Page 1244

13 thoughts on “Again, that word … Page 1244

  1. Moving right along?

  2. Ah, yes. She’s a spy. Of course, she is. And the other tribes are wise to keep an eye on the Fire tribe.
    I’m guessing Aglor called Ipola right after this so the other Kings and Queens can get there right away.

    1. I feel maybe “spy” is too strong a word. Mainly because it has unpleasant undertones of hostility between two sides, whereas Erogenia is supposed to be this big, unified people.
      But I see your point. Does English have a word for “person who lives in your land and reports on your activites, even and mainly those you don’t appear to tell us about”? More to the point now that I think of it, does Erogenian have such a word?
      (Also, if Cirina is indeed a spy, that entails underhanded work and dishonesty. Ipola told Thann that she has neither inclination nor need to lie, but of course we haven’t seen Aglor make such a claim. Not to mention it’s another reason for Ipola to have Tula inherit the throne and not Zona, who doesn’t know how to lie.)

      1. “Diplomat”.
        Of course, that job title also conveys an implication of ability to gracefully handle even the most extreme situations. But it appears like that applies here also.

      2. Oh, just to add to my previous comment. There are many who say that there’s no difference between a spy and a diplomat, but the reasoning you expressed for not wanting to use the word “spy” is much of that difference.
        Also, diplomats are usually not there in secret while spies usually are, or at least the fact that they are reporting to and possibly acting on behalf of another group is usually a secret with spies. With a diplomat, you know that what they see and hear will probably get back to whatever group they’re aligned with, and you know what that group is.
        (Also, yes, there have been diplomats who were found to be spies for a third nation, but that’s an already complicated situation that can quickly get even more so.)

  3. RED Engineer: “Spy ’round here!!”

    I just love the faces the twins make, in the second panel. 😛

  4. And now we know.

  5. Secret… Agent Girl! Secret… Agent Girl! (You know the guitar licks that follow this, JED. Maybe a new spell for Mentl?)

  6. Can the twins see the young lady inside the room? That would explain the hour or more and the looks on their faces.

  7. The phrase “with your life and honor” reminds me of the Scorpion Clan in Legend of the Five Rings, who are the ones who do all the dirty work that the Empire needs so the Emperor’s own hands remain unsullied by that dirty work… (And it also melds strangely with Aglor and Cirina’s role and relationship to the Fire Clan. Come to think of it, which better clan to have spies than the one whose namesake is the Fox?)

  8. It isn’t that Zona can’t lie, its that lieing is a tactic that really doesn’t benefit anyone in the long term.

    Criana role was more a watcher than a spy. A spy is usually takes active action. In this case she only acted to defend herself. Had she not walked in on this she would have reported the inconsistancy and the death. She is also not giving away her watcher purpose by using the fire ring, not her own which is why Algor is surprised. The only clue that she has given the fire tribe is that she knows how to use rings not that she possesses one. This isn’t a lie because nobody has asked her if she possesses one.

    1. I think spies on average are much less about taking action than you seem to think. It’s just that we usually only find out about them when they take action. It’s hard to discover someone who has a legitimate excuse for being there if they’re just listening, watching, and later on while you’re not around reporting on that stuff to someone else.

  9. Oh their is a typo in the transcription. After Panel 4, it should say “Cirina chants into the ring.”

    I noticed right after I realized I had typod her name in my comment too.

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