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A Question Of Trust – Page 1243

11 thoughts on “A Question Of Trust – Page 1243

  1. Love Cirina’s attitude after she kicks Naurik in the head. And Pontagar is worried for him. Sadly confusing. Must be the spell.

  2. She is DEFINITELY Fire Tribe 🤣 it seems like not only is her heart in the right place, but her head as well.

  3. Confusing? I guess Naurik’s doing will be dealt with afterwards according to whatever proper Erogenian process and trial they have for this type of occasion.

  4. so she knows about the rings as well as the spells needed to use them? Cirina is a bit more than meets the eyes.

  5. I suspect she is Fox Tribe, as others have guessed before. Her choice of makeup reminds me of vixen markings and the way her hair feathers makes the shadows look like whiskers. That would also account for training in dealing with mental enemies, and how to mislead without lying.
    Beyond that, my money says she is royal family fox Tribe, if not heir itself, if she knows how to work the rings.

  6. And having followed this story from beginning to current, I just got reminded that I can still miss things lol. Some very good points!

  7. She appears to be a wise little fox. Time to call home?

  8. Funny how Pontagar is all docile here. Cirina is quickly growing into yet another favorite. (A nasty twist would be if she happened to be a traitor, only a much sneakier and more competent one.)

    I’m not entirely sure why they shouldn’t let the other people enter. Maybe because Pontagar will have trouble explaining himself? I guess Cirina can explain very well for two…

  9. Well, the Fire Prince has barely got out of hypnosis from Naurik.
    I guess he’s still a bit shaken and hasn’t recovered all of his wits yet.

  10. Ring up Ipola. She’ll snap him out of it.

  11. some of your older pages don’t show any more

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