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18 thoughts on “AHH! NGG! – Page 1227

  1. It’s ON.

    Also, my beloved siblings, you were debating how practical these huge swords are. Given that so far the only telling blows have been kicks, I’d say our story master JED has found a way to have his Rule of Cool cake and eat it. Congratulations!

  2. How the hell does Arrogand manage to raise his left leg for a kick, when the panel before he had almost all his weight (and balance) on it? He’s horribly out of balance as is in that panel and raising that leg would only make it worse. He would need to do some little hop with the other leg to get his balance back in that movement while drawing back his upper body as a counter weight.

    Also: kick his ass, Pontagar!

    1. Don’t discount the sword when calculating the physics involved in Arrogand’s movements. It may not have anything like the mass of his leg, but held at arm’s length it certaintly got enough moment.

  3. Effective, but not particularly sporting, Alas, one must fight fire with fire, when no water is present.

  4. Given that there are no witnesses to see this, the victor will have a harder time explaining why the other died.

    1. @DanekJovax
      Maybe Lentik will be the much-needed witness in the nick of time.

  5. @Joe Fonebone
    Especially in the case of Fire Tribe members.

  6. Well, that’s sort of a given here since Fire is fighting Fire.

    1. @Reservist: sorry, I reacted to Joe Fonebone’s post before reading the others and noticing that you had beaten me to it. Désolé, frangin !

  7. Okay, let’s not overthink the depicted fight dynamics. JED is only displaying snippets of a battle that is encompassing extremely fast moves and positioning.

  8. Has anyone noticed what is *behind* Arrogand in that last frame?
    It seems rather like a delighted dino/lizard-like being that has appeared out of the spirit world to enjoy the fight between father and son. Given the King of the Fire Tribe has been expressing radically pro-Shuach ideas, we may be seeing the conduit through which he got them.

  9. It’s a trophy dino head that’s on display in the room. I had to look back a couple pages to see it.

  10. Correct. It’s the head of a gontharg that Pontagar killed shortly after we first met him.
    Warm regards,

  11. @jd.
    Pas de souci, poto. 😉

  12. If you fight sporting your tactics suck

  13. The only fair fight is the fight you win. remember, the victor gets to tell the story and shape the narrative.

  14. Oh, I am including that in him being horribly out of balance. Rule one in sword fighting; keep your center. Getting off-balanced is a sure way to lose a fight since it means there are things you won’t be able to react to fast enough.

  15. When this is over, at least one of them is going to need either the services of a priest or priestess who can heal grave wounds and fend off death (as Yatta-Ta can attest), or one giant bottle of Essence of Dittany.

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