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  1. “Your family line ends HERE!”

  2. Oh shit! :-S

  3. Yeah, he felt that one

  4. If Arrogand lost his sword coming down he has bought time for himself, if he didn’t lose it, Pontagar is in serious trouble.

  5. My meat n 2 veg just retracted in sympathy…


  6. THE GRANDKIDS! You fool, what about your grandkids!? He hasn’t given you any yet!

  7. Apparently, “Dirty” is the only way Arrogond knows how to fight. Pontagar had better put that sword straight into his chest, or he may never stand a chance of recovery. He still has it over his head, so he just has to point it down.

  8. Y’all, that hit him in the ass and back. Look at where pontagar is standing over arrogond. The angle of arrogonds kick wouldnt bit the jewels.

    1. I’m with Icekat001 and Ladyofthemasque on that one. Definitively a hit but not a crit. I would submit Pontagar will complain about pain at about the middle of his spine though, as while not specifically pointed the boot is still directing force to one point, ergo much pain!

  9. Exactly what Icekat001 says. It’s not a hit to Pontigar’s family jewels, because there is literally no way that Arrogond could turn to get into position without running afoul of Ponty’s legs. Admittedly, Arrogond ain’t got pointy knee armor on or even pointy ridged metal shin guards (from what we can tell), though those boots might be ridged enough with scales for all I know to do some damage…but I doubt it, since it just looks like a good stiff boot leather with a wool padding. But it can still hurt, and knock a person off-balance if you strike them at just the right/wrong moment.

    …Honestly, Pontigar’s greatest mistake has already happened. He’s challenging his father in private, and if anyone comes in, especially if Ponty gets incapacitated, his father can lie (why not? he’s already proposed crawling back to lick Shuach’s fecal expeller) and proclaim Pontigar is the traitor. He should have made this confrontation much more public, because it’s clear Arrogond isn’t a true Erogenian anymore, and WILL lie, cheat, and even murder his own son.

    1. Admittedly Arrogond could have lied anyway and proclaimed his SON was lying, and it’d be a case of he-said-no-he-said…but at least there’d be DOUBTS in the minds of the Fire Tribe with a public declaration of dishonor. I’m genuinely worried that if Daddy-Shuach-est here wins, it’ll take the Fire Tribe totally in the wrong direction, and nobody else will be strong enough to take him down one-on-one…and Erogenians don’t exactly strike me as the “we must ALL cut him down” types, even in moments of direst cultural emergency.

  10. I find it hard to believe that somebody that highly skilled in one-on-one combat would leave themselves that exposed.

    1. Not so sure, the fire tribe are famously arrogant; and while the old man may be a hair past his prime, he defiantly no slouch.

  11. Well, I’d say that even if Arrogond does kill Pontagar, he isn’t out of it yet. I mean, just the day before he celebrated the hero’s return, and now he’s killed the hero? I fail to see how he could spin that to make it look like he’s innocent. (But then, it wouldn’t be the first time JED pulls something that I never saw coming.)

    Also, going back to make sure there was indeed a hero’s welcome, I noticed I had forgotten that there was someone else here the day before ( – I don’t remember how to make hyperlinks in these comments, sorry ), someone so secretive they don’t even have a tag. Maybe that person can help Arrogond explain the situation to the tribe. Maybe they can’t, or wouldn’t. If they still are around and see commotion, I guess they won’t be staying. The one thing I’m worried with, come to think of it, would be for Pontagar to best the king, not yet kill him, only to be stabbed in the back by whoever.)

  12. Damn it Pontagar, we just started liking you! Which, I think, means the odds are against him.

  13. Cultural emergency? This is national emergency, for all of Erogenia.

  14. @Shyster
    How come? The odds are not particularly favourable to his father than to himself.
    Both are really experienced fighters, eager and willing, well muscled, resilient.

  15. @Reservist: You’re entirely right as far as in-world logic is concerned, but I think Shyster was using narrative logic: a secondary character who goes from hateful to likable is more likely to meet his demise.

  16. Oh, I fully agree. A hard and painful smack on the tailbone from what I see. The question is how much the pain of that kick will distract Pontagar.

  17. His shin definitely connected with the tailbone, but it does look like his knee at least had the opportunity to connect with the softer, more sensitive tissues during the follow-through.

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