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TRANSCRIPT: JEEVIK: The climate here is a trifle warm for such a cloak, your Majesty, May I ? IPOLA: You may, thank you, and these as well. JEEVIK: Very good, Majesty. IPOLA: Hm. Have we ever met before? JEEVIK: The possibility is an extremely remote one, your Majesty. IPOLA: Zona ... ZONA: Mother ... IPOLA: Oh ... you’ve been through so much. My baby ... ZONA: Mother!  I'm so sorry!  Cha na amanh ... IPOLA: Me too, my child. Cha na amanh. ZONA: I ... I said awful things ... IPOLA: Some of them were well deserved. But it’s balanced, now. At least for me. ZONA: We just need to go home now and it will be.

28 thoughts on “Apologies and Balance – Page 1076

  1. Umm…I think Ipola owes someone else an apology before everything is fully balanced.

  2. Also did Tula say anything about the SILVER CHAINS certain people are sporting?

    1. I’m certain Ipola is smart enough to realize that Zona and Mentl would only have done so if Tula had okayed it. Besides whether people are wearing appropriate chains is probably a matter for priests rather than rulers in Erogenia.

      1. When they were married, Tula commented that two people wouldn’t annul the bond now, even if they did want to. Ipola was one of those two.
        As I understand it, Ipola IS one of those priests, and not just the secular ruler.

      2. It would seem strange to me that Zona and Michael would wait for a green light from Tula or anyone else.
        But well.

        1. Actually, she does mention that it goes against the letter of the rules in https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/love-triumphant/page-800/ , then Tula remarks that Mentl checked with her (which is akin to asking for her approval).

          Of course, that’s for the official part of their commitment. They’ve never asked for anyone’s permission to have sex like horny college kids on a summer night, and even less to be wildly in love with each other. And they’re completely right about it, provided of course they don’t start making love in front of a third party. (Vito being an exception, for obvious reasons.)

  3. I’ve said it quite a few times in the previous incarnations of the comments, but I’m amazed at how JED can make someone who’s so tall and absurdly strong look and sound so awfully cute. I want to take her in a gentle, fatherly embrace and pat her on the head.

    Oh, and Tula’s smile in the last panel is downright superb.

    Calisto01, should we now name you Official Royal Advisor to the Queen of All Erogenia? Apparently she has followed your remark.

    About that, I like how the first panel suggests an extremely brisk pace for Ipola.

    1. I’d be ok with that. I’m sure I could pull it off being very intelligent, all wise, beautifully handsome and Humble.

      1. I think an Official Advisor should also be something along the lines of swashbuckling, charming, dexterous, hard-working and able to take a compliment.

        Which I’m naturally certain you are as well. Some people have all the virtues in the world; I’m glad I know one.

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwww
    I’m happy for them….
    I wonder why I’m all tearing up *not as if I have two daughters now*

    1. Does one of them have your hair color and talent for lunar magick? If not, your own situation is in no way akin to Ipola’s, so you have no reason to be tearing up. I’d advise you to seek professional help.

      More seriously, I’m with you here, copine. I guess part of why I feel Zona is so cute, besides JED’s talent mentioned above, is because my fatherly instincts easily and often kick in. (Also, I do have two daughters, one a smart redhead shorter than the other, but the other can dance much better than she fights, and she can’t very well carry heavy weights. So my own situation is in no way akin to Ipola’s. I stubbornly refuse to be tearing up.)

      1. i really should seek help :p
        Both have my dark eyes but the older one, if not going to be a Zona, seem to go : stubborn, hot headed, kind hearted big girl.
        The young one is only three months old. We’ll see 😉

  5. One small question with regards to the sun tribe – how much of a military asset would they be? There don’t appear to be very many of them, and the veterans of the last war among them must be getting on a bit. On the other hand, the Urtts might not expect an attack from their direction. Mainly I’d expect they might be of psychological benefit to the Erogenians, because of Zonn’s legendary status. (And psychological detriment to the Urtts, who presumably remember him as well).

    1. Well, until a few months ago, the rest of the Erogenians had been getting soft, too. Including their queen. I would hazard that with the dangerous environs around the Sun Tribe, the Sun Tribe members are probably better equipped, mentally, for war. That combined with the Ur-Naight as allies, would make the Sun tribe a welcome addition to the ranks.

      1. Would the Nassim want to get involved, though? It’s already been stated that many of them want nothing to do with the sun tribe or any other Erogenians.

        1. True, but the Nassim might want to terminate the Urrt threat for good.

  6. That’s one cha balanced. More to come.

    Also: Mentl’s loincloth. XD

    1. Good catch, sis! I think it’s the closest we’ve ever been to actually seeing Mentl’s guitar neck this side of being a Patreon.

      1. Yes, it’s barely covering at that angle. 😛

  7. The words at the bottom of the comic made me laugh.

    1. I’ve never read the book, and it’s been a while since I last saw, (and paid attention to) the movie. Is that from “The Princess Bride”?

      1. Nope, not from The Prince Bride (as far as I can recall, either book or movie). But it is a complaint many a youngster has voiced over the generations…or even many an oldster or in-between-ster, if they’re just not in the mood for all this mush.

        Me, I’m in the mood for “much mush”…as my father signs all his romantic cards to my mother, whether it’s Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or other holidays.

        Plus, the cha needs to be rebalanced between Ipola and Mentl…as well as between her priest & priestess advisors and Mentl, but that’ll have to wait until they’re actually within range, rather than a literal thousand miles away…

        1. *The Princess Bride

          …Mind you, I’d be interested in a Prince Bride genderswapped version if it was really well-written and -acted, with plenty of drama, pathos, and comedy beats…but until that day, I honestly meant Princess Bride, lol.

  8. So…. who is Jeevik, really?
    Are all magic user able to see him in their dreams?

    1. He’s on one level a “Jeeves”. Also not identical, but has some resemblance and similar manner to Data (RE his expositionary statement on the Arburori)

      1. wow I had to check what is a Jeeves as I didn’t know what it was. So cool! But I don’t remember his statement though…Was it in the real/dream of Mentl?

        1. I recommend reading some of the original PG Wodehouse / listeninh to an audiobook of it / possibly watching some of the not terribly faithful old TV adaptation starring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.

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