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TRANSCRIPT: (Gasping and panting ...) IPOLA: Hemm … ZONN: Huhh-hem! Yeah … IPOLA: (after a deep breath)  So … is there anything to eat around here?  I’m starved. ZONN: Ha-Haaaa! ZONN: A feast!  A feast to welcome my queen! IPOLA:  “Your” queen? ZONN:   Oh … uh … IPOLA: (smiling)  We’ll talk.

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  1. And they were doing so well…

  2. Well, he’s not wrong. As the ruler over the Ergonian tribes, she does rule over his tribe, does she not?

    1. I had to think about this a bit, but maybe…. He said ‘his’ Queen instead of ‘our’ Queen. By being ‘his’ then his people are his and not hers? Just a thought.

      1. Yeah, two seconds after I posted, I realized that he’d be swallowing a bit less shoe leather had he switched out ‘my’ for ‘our’ and debated whether or not to add that addendum or if it would be too gauche to reply to my own post.

    2. Well, there has never been any formal talks and written agreements between all parties involved to ackowledge Ipola as overlord of the Sun Clan.
      Heck, there has never been any contact between Sun Clanspeople and other Erogenians for the last 20 years or so.
      So I’d say the Sun Clan is de facto independent.

  3. “We’ll talk.”

    I’ve heard that before. Quick, Zonn, go find another sudrac to fight!

    Also, that first panel reminds me of an old John Wayne film. “It’s still there…That old zing.”

  4. No no, this makes perfect sense. She IS the High Queen of Erogenia, and he, the king of the Sun Tribe, just pledged his (continuing) loyalty to her, so yes, she can command his forces, too, in the coming fights…

    1. Uuuh… I do not think that them having sex is pledging fealty, but I like the idea, nevertheless. :-3

  5. Zonn has a GREAT talent for eating his foot.

  6. Yeah. One term with two meanings. He should have said “My Liege”, or “Our High Queen”.
    Of course, he was thinking with the Erogenian brain right then.

  7. Ipola seems to have aged significantly. Did you change the model?

    1. Wind and exposure will do that to a person.

      1. Also, it’s really rare that we see her from above. I asked myself the same question and that was my answer.

        And I submit the last panel of https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/the-last-crusade/a-boys-best-friend-page-1065/ where her face does look a bit closer to here than what we are accustomed to.

    2. She’s lost weight, and that means she’s lost fullness in her face; the shadows caused by thinner cheeks, plus a hint of sag in skin that isn’t as elastic as it used to be (you start to lose that snaps-back-to-baseline-tightness ability in your mid to late 30s), means wrinkles will now be a bit exaggerated.

      Remember, when we saw her first, upon Mentl’s arrival at the Valley of the Moon, she had a hint of a spare tire, had grown soft from peaceful living. Later on, Queen Ipola complains that she needs to regain a higher level of physical fitness (and the high priest pouts that she’ll be losing some of her curviness, specifically shrinking her cleavage a bit), but Ipola is resolute, she needs to get back into combat-ready shape. Which she has done.

      Plus, constant wind exposure and a long flight–and clinging to ANY animal is difficult, especially one where you really, Really, REALLY don’t want to fall off, will take its toll on anybody (even Zona, if the flight is long & hard enough).

  8. I just love this…. ok, she corrected him, but I think she’s just teasing him. She might actually use this term of *my queen*.
    Even though she let her heart speak she is still a queen with a mission. So, as everyone before me said: *His Queen* meaning: liege, high queen…. Anyway, it’s just plain fun to see the two of them reunited and I can’t wait to see how Zona is going to handle this situation. And when the discussion is going to heat (because they’re going to discuss a lot of things and it’s going to be heated in the end) I wonder if she’s not going to plead for Zonn and not just Ipola…

  9. On the one hand, she IS right to be annoyed with him. She loves him, she missed him so much… but she’s still pissed at him for being gone for so very, very long, after ignoring her orders.

    …On the other hand, he’s back in her life, and if she doesn’t want to push him away again she ought to be a bit magnanimous about it. It’s not as if he didn’t miss her too…

    1. Sibling, before starting to write my own comments, I put on the red hat that stands above my desk. For the sole purpose of taking it off for you.

      Congratulations! See ya on October 31st.

  10. Of course she’s his queen. He is her ever faithful servant.

  11. I think that at this moment she is the queen of his heart for him. But if officially recognized as queen also over the sun tribe this takes obligations – for example to participate in the coming war. THIS requires a serious conversation and she is honest – before deciding important things one needs to know what happens in reality. For me she is still ignorant that he knows about Souach and the dragons and the new high priest. But he has his allies to be informed well and needs to consult them before choosing the path of the war for his tribe.

  12. Well, in one sense, Zonn isn’t wrong. While Ipola is definitely “his” Queen, the Sun Tribe didn’t properly EXIST back when the tribes collectively agreed that Ipola was the Erogenian’s ruler. And since the Sun Tribe formed, they’ve had better things to do than worry about the identity of a monarch who lived on the very far side of a huge amount of impassable or enemy territory. Things like “not dying” spring to mind.

  13. I agree with mostly everyone that he could very well try to handwave it as overexcitement at the arrival of the queen of all Erogenia (Jeevik or Chera might supply the notion if needed, though they might well withhold it just for the fun of watching him squirm. (Or imagining him, because I feel Ipola will let him have his dressing down* in private.)

    Oh, and seeing as how often Zonn calls for a feast, I fear we now know where the love handles come from…

    (*Totally unintended but gleefully kept as such.)

    1. Shouldn’t that be a ‘debriefing’?

  14. Oh, this can only be good! 😀 I wonder how the meet up with Ipola and Zona and Mentl will go; Zona has acknowledged she needs to apologize to her mother, but I think Ipola also owe Zona one. And Mentl last talk with Ipola didn’t go well, so it will be interesting to see how his growth come into play here.

    1. Good points, Lora. The last time Mentl and Ipola spoke she was accusing him of inadvertently brainwashing her daughter into loving him. There’s a LOT of cha-balancing to do there…

  15. “‘Your’ Queen?” “Oh, yes. Always shall you rule my heart.”
    See, Zonn? It’s just that easy.

    1. I guess it would be in bad taste to cue the Steel Panther song. (Then again, when and where would it be in good taste to cue a Steel Panther song?)

  16. I just noticed, it looks like they are leaving Ipola’s backpack behind. You can still see the straps as they walk away.
    I hope there isn’t anything too important in there…

    1. They’re just standing around making grand pronouncements. I’m sure they’ll grab the luggage (and bow) before they actually walk to his house.

  17. I just noticed, it looks like in all the excitement they forgot Ipola’s backpack on the ground.
    You can see the straps as they walk away. I hope there isn’t anything important in there…

    1. Probably just the sex aids. Ipola knew he’d be there and packed accordingly.

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